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Through negligence on my part, until last month I have not carefully checked my Holy Cross bill. That’s when I discovered a tax item called WE CARE that was formerly lumped into another tax item. I called the utility and received a very polite and detailed response from Sharon Williams in the customer care department.I asked to opt out of the program since it provides funds to increase renewable energy in our power supply, provides for incentives for renewable energy in our service territory and rebates for purchases of energy efficient appliances/devices. It is also for promoting education on renewables, efficiency, conservation and carbon emissions.Ms. Williams advised me I could not opt out like I can in their “roundup program,” because a survey was taken in 2004 and then the board of Holy Cross implemented the mandatory WE CARE program. Apparently a survey and not a vote of customers was taken.My objection to WE CARE is the mandatory promotion of an expensive, unreliable power program that is contrary to the interests of our natural gas industry’s contribution to Garfield County welfare. I would ask why customers should be taxed to benefit those who are able to purchase energy efficient appliances/devices. The next question would be, are Garfield County students being brainwashed in green idealism?I propose the Holy Cross board make this an opt-out program. It is hard enough to make ends meet without a hurtful, mandatory tax to benefit controversial policies. Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

To the young man roller-skating north on Grand Avenue on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 13, with his beautiful blonde dog, I’m so sorry I hit her. I stopped to make sure she wasn’t still under the car and saw you skating south to find her. Thank you to the kind man who stopped behind me and let me know the dog had run off. If you would be so kind, please submit a letter to the paper so I can know if she is OK. To the people who felt they had to honk their horns, I would do the same for your dog.Dawn RobisonGlenwood Springs

We are proud to support Pat Chlouber for Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees in the upcoming election. Pat is a 35-year resident of CMC District 6 and has devoted her entire career to education and the pursuit of academic excellence. Pat’s many accomplishments include:• Appointed to Colorado Charter School Institute Board of Directors, unanimously confirmed by Colorado State Senate• Regional representative for U.S. Department of Education, serving as liaison for community outreach and as advisor to state and local policymakers in six Western states• Chairman, Colorado State Board of Education, Third Congressional District• Teacher in Leadville/Lake County School District for 20 years• President of Lake County Board of Education• CMC-Timberline Campus Campaign Cabinet for the CMC Climax Molybdenum Leadership CenterPat is devoted to our mountain communities and has the proven track record, along with boundless energy and enthusiasm, to be an effective leader for Colorado Mountain College.We enthusiastically encourage everyone to vote for Pat Chlouber for CMC Board of Trustees.Rick Akin and Jennifer Schubert-AkinSteamboat Springs and Twin Lakes

In light of the recent events surrounding Carbondale Officer Alvaro Agon and allegations of dual involvement as both a school resource officer (SRO) and ICE liaison, the three area chiefs of police held a press conference Oct. 10 stating that there is no link between ICE and SROs working in this valley. Apparently the allegations by the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition are completely false. I find it disturbing that Carbondale Chief Gene Schilling has yet to take public responsibility for these recent controversial events involving Officer Agon, however. There has been no public admittance by Chief Schilling that a problem existed. If Officer Agon wasn’t involved with ICE, then there really isn’t an issue. But there is. This young officer was representing both entities. He was also doing exactly what he was told by his chief. One could question Officer Agon’s own judgement and insight for not recognizing the obvious conflict of interest working as an SRO and an ICE liaison simultaneously. But the lack of judgement and responsibility resides ultimately with the Carbondale Chief of Police, and not with a young, inexperienced police officer. This controversy threatens to destroy any credibility that Officer Agon and the Carbondale Police Department and its SRO program had with the Latino community. I encourage Chief Schilling to come forward and take the heat off of his young officer. SRO police involvement, investigating gang-related activity and ICE enforcement are not the same things. Their police involvement should be separated cleanly. This was the message that the three chiefs of police were trying to convey. Employing Officer Agon in a dual capacity that blurred those lines put his career at risk and it reflects poorly on our community as a whole. I call on Chief Schilling to pull this unfortunate officer out from under the bus of public defamation, and get him back to work helping the Latino community and proudly representing the Carbondale Police Department.Ben PeeryGlenwood Springs

Anita Sherman says in her letter of Oct. 13 that “policy based on man-made borders cannot be tolerated.” What kind of borders will she tolerate? Are there any limits to her societal generosity?To Ms. Sherman, U.S. citizenship is a mere piece of paper. She is a citizen of a world in which man-made boundaries, as well as reality, are irrelevant. Just one cuddly, cozy planet where everyone gets along. Uh-huh. Sadly, it’s well-meaning, naive people like Ms. Sherman who are intent on promoting an open-border policy that is debasing our quality of life and will ultimately result in the demise of our great country. May we be spared from those who would save the world. Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

I wanted to thank Walter Gallacher for the Oct. 11 story he did on my family, and for all the great immigrant stories he does. The rest of my story is a love story. Upon returning to my 45th high school reunion in Glenwood Springs, I re-met Mary Linda Mills Clapham. She and I were in the same class at Garfield County High School, but only friends. Something clicked between us at the reunion, and we were married a year later. We now live in West Glenwood and are so happy to be back home with our friends. One of those friends, LaVonne Diemoz, is the one who insisted we both come to the 45th reunion of the Class of ’55. Thanks LaVonne. Glenn VawterGlenwood Springs

We have just heard a warning about a scam from an AT&T installer and also from a GTE employee. A person claiming to be an AT&T employee will claim to be testing your line and will ask you to dial 9-0 then push the “pound” sign, then hang up your phone. This will give the unknown callers the ability to access your phone line and enable them to make long distance calls and bill you for them. This scam seems to be most prevalent with prison inmates. This information has been vetted; it is not a joke. We thought the paper’s readers should know.Tom and Jane AshworthRifle

My wife and I were reminiscing over old photos of her 40th birthday party held in Bert & Ernie Park in Carbondale. That was when the park had a two-story picnic pavilion and no disc golf course. Bert & Ernie was known then as a picnic park. But for years we have been down to two or three tables that get moved around frequently for various activities. Unfortunately, most of the best picnic spots are now occupied by disc golf baskets and tees. Perhaps we should do like one person did in our new town manager’s former town of Cortez. Someone apparently lined one of the Centennial Park disc golf baskets with foil and fired up his briquettes for a barbecue. What a great idea! Maybe we now need nine more picnic tables. Actually, in recent weeks, the public works department has returned two of our four missing tables. They are still searching for the others.There were also several park benches in those days. The seniors from Heritage Park have always appreciated being able to catch their breath on the bench that used to be at the top of the steeper section of the sidewalk. Now, if seniors need a break, they have to find a vacant table or compete for the one remaining bench at the playground. One day we observed an elderly lady resting with her walker on the sidewalk next to the No. 8 basket. There was a group of disc players yelling for her to move so they could play through. When they failed to get her attention, we went over and spoke with her. As it happened, she was a new resident of Heritage Park at an impressive age of 103. When we explained what was going on in the park, she looked with alarm at one of the discs and said, “If I get hit by one of these, it’ll take me out.” This is no way to treat our seniors, especially in their own neighborhood park. Let’s move the course now.Bill HoftoCarbondale

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