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News flash to Jack Blankenship, who is forced to contribute to a socialist program for the betterment of all.

The sun has provided energy to this planet since the dawn of time, for lack of a better way of pinpointing the beginning. To tap into its power, which falls in abundance upon us every day, is far beyond “green idealism” and will one day, should our species and all the others survive the constant and toxic burning of fossil fuels, power us all.

The wind is pure energy; the movement of water a clean and renewable resource.

I very much doubt Mr. Blankenship misses the few cents he is forced to contribute to this program, but it gives him more to gripe about in his sunset years.

I laud Holy Cross Energy and other forward-thinking utilities like them (including the Delta-Montrose Electric Association, which is already providing my home with renewable energy) for their commitment to people, planet and keeping prices low. I’d gladly pay more.

Tamie Meck


I recently read an article that explored Finland’s rise to the top of the world’s educational systems. I was compelled to learn that the Finns transformed their schools nearly 40 years ago as a matter of economic recovery.

I’m no economist, but this makes sense to me. In the long term, better-educated students equate to more entrepreneurialism, new industry and better jobs.

As a matter of principle, I will always vote in support of our schools because I believe that education has great leverage on the most important and troubling issues that our nation faces. Any opportunity to improve our schools is also an opportunity to create a more functional community, both locally and beyond.

Join me in supporting our schools. Vote yes on 3E.

Michael Logan


As an old person, retired and on a fixed income, I’m certainly not going to turn down the “raise” I’ll be receiving from Congress next year. The 3.5 percent cost of living adjustment is certainly welcome in these tough economic times.

Whenever a COLA occurs, I can’t help but be reminded of the good old days that I spent in the former wonderful world of private enterprise. That was before government decided to pass restrictive legislation and dictate to companies as to how to run their businesses and how to compensate their management and employees.

In my former business experience, anything less that a 5 percent merit increase was a warning sign to an employee that their performance was barely acceptable. It was often intended to be a subtle indication that improvement would be expected. In a way, it was sort of an incentive.

As a good citizen, I want to make it clear that I do feel some how awkward in accepting this increase. However, the data that was released with this announcement helped to ease my mind. According to Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi, the overall effect “would give a boost to consumer spending next year amounting to about $25 billion.”

According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, our nation’s debt now stands at $14, 892,729,000,000 (rounded off to the nearest billion), so the $25 billion represents less than two tenths of 1 percent added to the burden placed upon our children and grandchildren by the wizards in Washington.

Gloriosky, doesn’t that make us feel good all over?

Richard Doran


Regarding coexistence of evolution theory and creationism, Jonathan Rice in his Oct. 18 letter correctly noted that creationists see God’s purpose in human origins while evolutionists see random chance at work. How, he asked, can these views not be contradictory? I will try to explain.

Random means “occurring without an identifiable pattern.” To be scientifically supportable, an identifiable pattern must also be empirically testable. You don’t have to actually conduct the test to have a respectable scientific theory, and sometimes you can’t because the necessary technology is unavailable.

However, to call an idea scientific you have to at least have a reasonable possibility of someday being able to conduct empirical experiments to test it.

No one has proposed a potential empirical test for God’s hand in creation, or a potential empirical test for any unifying “cause” for the events comprising evolution. Ergo, they are called random.

But science does not insist that because no experimentally verifiable unifying cause has been proposed, no such cause exists. “Random” simply means we do not understand the cause in scientific terms – not that there is none.

Perhaps one day creationists will propose a viable empirical test for their theory of God’s hand in creation. Until such time, the question of why evolution happened as it did and proposed answers to that question remain in the realm of faith.

This does not place them outside the realm of possibility. For science, anything (including creationism) is possible, with the burden of scientific proof always falling on those who make the assertion.

Ron Kokish


Carbondale voters, turn in your ballots. If schools have to close, do the math. We have the smallest schools.

The Carbondale community needs everyone’s vote. A town without schools will not be a thriving community. Not to mail your ballot will hurt our business, home values, and our future. Don’t just sit back and let others vote, turn in your ballot today. Ballots have to be received by next Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Keep Carbondale a wonderful place to live. Mail your ballot today and vote yes on 3E.

J. Forbes


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