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Some may be wondering how a nine-hole disc golf course could ever be approved for Bert & Ernie Park in Carbondale in the first place. Well, here is how it’s done in our town:1. Utterly ignore the recently adopted 10-year Parks, Recreation and Trails Comprehensive Master Plan. This makes complete sense, since nowhere in its 131 pages is there any mention whatsoever of disc or Frisbee golf. 2. Keep the DG course plans a secret from all the residents of RFV. Not one NIMBY neighbor was asked to weigh in on the merits of the course in their neighborhood park. And of course, let’s not consult Heritage Park Care Center.3. Do not invite public opinion of any kind. This way you don’t have to defend any plans or actions to the townspeople or trustees until it’s too late to make a difference.4. Do not consult a land use professional. This way you can avoid any discussions of code, setbacks, buffer zones and incompatible land use activities.5. Do no independent research. Ignorance is bliss. Let’s just approve an activity we know absolutely nothing about. And let’s not check it out on the Internet or run it by any other towns that already have a course.6. Install the course when that SOB Hofto is out of town. Yes, imagine our surprise when we came home after a few days to a fully functioning course with the No. 8 T-pad just two feet away from our property line.7. Just disregard any future complaints that come up.So, are we ever going to see this rogue DG course taken out of B&E park?Bill HoftoCarbondale

Democracy is not an easy form of government. It is designed to be a government of, by, and for the people, but in order for it to work, people have to participate. The higher the percentage of voters, the more truly government reflects the will of the people. In addition to voting, it is important that people make informed decisions. That doesn’t mean just listening to TV ads, which are often half-truths and misinformation, but that they each do their own research. It really doesn’t take that much effort.To illustrate my point, let’s take the Third Congressional District in our state. Of the people eligible to vote, only 82 percent are registered. Out of 1,000 voters, that would be 820. Of the 820 registered voters, only 75 percent, or 615, voted in the 2010 elections. U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton won the 2010 election by 4 percent, or 10,113 votes, but there were 69,046 people who didn’t bother to register and another 62,202 registered that didn’t vote. As a result, our district elected a Tea Party representative who neither listens to or works for the people of our district. He is busy trying to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. I sincerely hope the people of our district do better next year.Rich MoyerPueblo

I attended the forum at the Orchard in Carbondale on Oct. 20. Actually, it was more of an illegal alien pep-rally with a Latino youth group that was formed after the demise of the Dream Act, which was just another attempt to circumvent our lenient immigration laws. One speaker boasted that this group was successful in getting the police department to discontinue checking student drivers at Roaring Fork High School. I read the papers everyday, but I can’t recall anything on this subject. Why were the police checking licenses in the first place? If they had good reasons for checking, why did they stop? And who in the school system signed off on this? The forum circulated a petition that stated all children and parents should feel safe. I say children and parents who obey the law have nothing to fear. I guess my “Deport all illegals” t-shirt was a tad out of place, but I’ve never felt so happily out of place. Bruno KirchenwitzRifle

As the snow begins to piles up on the high mountain passes, I want to take this moment to express my sincere gratitude to the Aspen Ski Company’s Environment Foundation. Their generous contribution to the local U.S. Forest Service wilderness program this summer made it possible for us to protect the wild character of the wilderness areas we all love. As recreation pressure on these areas intensify and federal budgets for their protection shrink, the presence of rangers on the trail has become a rare and precious resource. A 2011 Environment Foundation grant enabled us to field five stewardship ambassadors who contacted over 4,800 wilderness visitors on 120 patrol days.Wilderness rangers work to spread the ideal of a responsible backcountry ethic to all of these visitors. That will ensure the preservation of wild country for generations to come. These rangers not only provided valuable information to every party contacted, but also naturalized hundreds of fires scars, packed out load after load of trash and helped to maintain an extensive trail system. The committed support of the Environment Foundation is directly responsible for the tangible improvement of resource conditions throughout the wilderness areas in the Roaring Fork Valley. If you enjoy hiking in our wild backcountry, thank a Ski Co. employee today for their contribution to the Environment Foundation. In the same spirit, I would also like to recognize the invaluable long-term contributions of the Forest Conservancy, the Wilderness Workshop and Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers to this same stewardship cause.Andrew LarsonAspen

Now that Carbondale has banned the bag it looks like I’ll be doing all of my grocery shopping in Glenwood. Of course that also means that I’ll be doing my other shopping in Glenwood as well. On my shopping trips I also will be buying lunch, gas and etc. I used to do all these things in Carbondale, so they will have to miss the income.Linda HayesGlenwood Springs

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