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I would like to let the people of Rifle and surrounding areas know there is a cheaper place to buy gas in Rifle, it is Harry’s Heavy Hauler, also known as Rifle Equipment.

I bought gas there recently at a price of $3.716, so if they can get gas here in Rifle at this cost, why can’t Swallow and all the other gas stations? I say boycott these stations and give Rifle Equipment the business. They are located on Airport Road past Wal-Mart.

I commend Rifle Equipment for helping keep the gas prices lower in this time of high prices.

Dee Schulz


Re: Heidi Rice story on husband’s heart attack

That was the most touching and memorable article I’ve read in 20-some years of reading good stuff in the Post Independent.

It’s one thing to hear your doctor and talking TV heads and everybody else repeat the mantra: lose weight … exercise … diet … don’t eat or do anything fun for you …

It’s completely different to hear a life-and-death story about somebody we’ve vicariously come to know and love.

You undoubtedly saved Paul’s life, and with this extended story from little chest pains to rehab, probably more others than you will ever know.

This story was certainly worth all of pages 1-2+. Thanks for the excellence,

Steven Shute

Glenwood Springs

I am writing in support of my friends the Vezzosos, a couple of victims in an unjust system called “Garfield County Commissioners and extended cronies.”

When Rose Lane became home for the too-poor-for-Aspen crowd, it lost its old-time agricultural appeal. I remember it all was ranch land when I grew up there in 1969.

The true rapers of this land are the gas and oil gang.

The true facts of this case are in the files for those who want to investigate. I personally challenge a real news team to investigate the facts and report the real story. I find the Glenwood Springs Post Independent a bit one-sided and unable to report stories that might not taste too good in some people’s mouths.

I remember Buck Arbaney, and he was a man of his word to me. He is surely looking down with a frown on his face at the mess that was made in 1990.

Come on someone, report the truth.

Lori Anderson Thompson


I’m glad that so many people think that everybody that lives in a recreational vehicle (RV) is “trailer trash!”

I’m from Oklahoma and a mother of 21⁄2-, 11⁄2- and 1⁄2-year-old kids. My husband got laid off when our youngest was born. He came here to find work. We got behind on bills and lost our house.

An RV is the only home we have now, and we are living in a hayfield with no water, no electricity and no sewer because there is nowhere else for us to go. But, you know, I cook three meals a day and do everything that you people with a house do, and I have more appreciation for life. You people take for granted the simplicity of everyday life.

We don’t have bills, we don’t owe anybody money, and our kids have everything they could ever want, and then some.

The best part of it all is that we are happy. We don’t fight and argue, and we can’t go to the other room to watch TV. We sit down together as a family and we talk.

I have the life that your grandparents had ” being happy and not fighting just because times were hard, the life that you want so badly.

Deidra Frank


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