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This is in response to Alice Gustafson’s letter of Nov. 3.

The Obama administration had a Democrat House and Senate for the first two years in office to fix the “rich problem.” Ms. Gustafson’s statement of “unsuccessful bipartisanism” is very weak.

She mentions Klan members at a Tea Party. Did they wear hoods and sheets? If not, how did she know they were Klan members?

I have not heard of Tea Party people getting arrested, throwing bottles or rocks at police.

At a Tea Party meeting I went to I met very nice people from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, professors, a Catholic priest and ministers of other churches.

The Occupy Wall Street “OWS” may have good points, but getting arrested and giving the police a hard time I do not think is the way to go.

Bank of America dropping its $5 fee because of OWS? Someone will have to show me. Should I call Bank of America?

John Lepkowski

New Castle

Like Sarah Orona, I was disappointed in the results of the school balloting for the District 16 mill levy proposal. I have a notion that if it had just included the general fund proposal, it would have passed.

I voted for it, with real misgivings about the item providing for full-day kindergarten. That is a long time of what must almost turn out to be babysitting for the teachers and hard on the youngsters. Also troubling was the provision for efficiency improvements. That needed clarification to specify critical needs that must be addressed now in tight budget conditions.

Now that the state and school election results are in, Gov. Hickenlooper proposes all kinds of cutbacks for the schools. My take on this goes to both state and Garfield County budget writers. Do triage on essential items. Cut out luxury items like lanes to speed traffic on I-70 so skiers get back to the Eastern Slope faster (state) and recreational expansions like trails and additions to parks (state, county and local).

Since I am so full of advice today, let me add that law enforcement should order illegal occupiers everywhere to take their drum and beat it, and if they don’t have a drum, to “take up their bed and walk.”

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Hopefully the message of no more taxes to fund ineffective government and education programs will finally sink in.

A very enlightening report by John Stossel on Fox Business Channel, “Stupid in America,” reveals that charter schools continually produce better students for two-thirds the cost of public schools.

After Katrina wiped out the school system in New Orleans, officials there decided to go the charter school route in order to get things up and running quickly. They discovered private enterprise operated at half the cost and producing better educated students. For them, another option that proved more effective.

A similar comparison in Washington, D.C., showed the same results. However the unions were able to get the superintendent of schools fired in order to save their jobs at the expense of less-educated kids.

Think of it. We could eliminate the Department of Education, cut $82 billion from the federal budget, let private enterprise teach our kids for half of what we pay in property taxes, and we start to look for new ways to reform other programs.

Ken Kriz

Glenwood Springs

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