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I write this on Nov. 8, the day many voters around the country are expressing that basic right, the right to vote. How sad it is to follow the movement by the GOP in states governed by Republican legislatures and governors to suppress that right.

Their stated reason for undermining and putting up impediments to voting is voter fraud. This from the group that gave us Kathleen Harris and the “hanging chad” debacle.

The Brennen Center for Justice studied numerous voter fraud allegations dating back a couple decades. National Weather Service data shows that Americans are struck and killed by lightning about as often as voter fraud occurs.

So what motivates the GOP to attack the very right that women died for over 80 years ago, or blacks fought for almost 50 years ago? Please, someone on the right, justify this assault. Never mind. We know it is about making it harder for the poor, the young and the disenfranchised to participate, as they tend to not vote Republican.

Take Colorado. Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler ordered county clerks not to send ballots to inactive voters even though they were legally registered. Gessler made a career as a lawyer, defending Republican clients and causes in election and campaign finance cases. He has said that, by directing majority Democratic Denver and Pueblo County not to mail ballots to inactive voters, he is seeking to guard against fraud and make the state’s election rules uniform. Ironically, many of the inactive voters were servicemen overseas. You know – the ones fighting to bring democracy to the world.

Mike Huckabee “joked” to voters in Ohio about discouraging those voting to overturn Senate Bill 5, the “anti-union” measure. He encouraged Republicans to “make sure that they don’t go vote. Let the air out of their tires on Election Day. Tell them the election has been moved to a different date. That’s up to you how you creatively get the job done.” Ha ha, Reverend Mike. How American. Republicans don’t get hypocrisy. I wonder if they know what insidious means?

Craig S. Chisesi


I attended the Nov. 1 meeting at Carbondale Town Hall regarding the Village at Crystal River. I can’t believe that people and the developer think that a new City Market is going to bring people to Carbondale to shop. What?

There is a City Market in Glenwood Springs and a newer one in Basalt. Basalt will soon have a Whole Foods as well. Maybe I am confused, but why would people come to our City Market to shop?

Carbondale has so many great qualities – wonderful restaurants, a vibrant art scene with great art galleries, fantastic live music venues, scenic rivers nearby, incredible mountain biking, road biking, hiking – the list goes on. Carbondale is having a rough time financially just like all the other towns and cities across America, and hopefully we will get it through it.

We do not want to say no to development, but come on – another City Market? We can be way more creative than that. Let’s add to Carbondale’s beauty and strengths, not make our town look like every other place, filled with chain stores and fast food.

Lastly, what will happen to the vacant City Market? Why not work with what we have and upgrade the existing building? Please remember to vote no for this project.

Leslie McNamee-Johnson


I wish employers would educate their employees to not lick their fingers to open plastic bags and then be putting customer’s purchases into the bags. It’s a nasty, unsanitary habit that spreads germs to those who touch the bags after the workers handle it. They handle dirty money with flu germs and God only knows what other amoebas that cause illness. Get a damp sponge in a dish to stop this filthy practice.

Raina Sheldon


Rocky Ford, Colo., is 75 miles from the Jensen Cantaloupe Farm at Holly. There are three towns between Rocky Ford and Holly. Why is Rocky Ford being mentioned in the Glenwood Springs High School paper, the Brimstone, about the listeria outbreak at Jensen Cantaloupe Farm at Holly? It was not Rocky Ford cantaloupe that was involved. It is expensive growing crops, so why should Rocky Ford farmers be given such poor publicity?

Winifred Richardson

Glenwood Springs

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