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Why were you so quick to take sides in this case?

Mike Kennedy, a neighbor, has said everyone in the neighborhood thinks the Vezzosos’ lawsuit is a joke. He said the website is ridiculous.

It is funny how you quote only the one guy who is working against them. The well-being of a family’s business is ridiculous?

I will tell you what is ridiculous, making this article one-sided. You had how many other quotes to use and you used the one from the neighbor, which would have been OK had you of thrown in one from someone not trying to attack the family.

Oh, and all the evidence is clearly on the website, so maybe in your next article you can clear that up because in the website you follow these things called links, and what do you know, all the evidence is right there.

Bryan Giem

Canon City

I’m glad we have at least one senator who is actually listening to what we, the people of Western Colorado, want when it comes to issues like oil shale. I would like to thank Senator Wayne Allard for standing up against the delay tactics of fellow Senator Ken Salazar on the topic of oil shale development in Western Colorado.

The United States does not have a set of rules and regulations for oil shale and tar sands development. Currently, the federal government is analyzing how a national commercial oil shale program should be conducted in a document, regulated by the National Environmental Policy Act, called a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, or a PEIS for short. The PEIS sets the stage for how America should develop an active oil shale and tar sands program, how oil shale development can be consistent with other land plans and prepares the process for land-use management.

The PEIS is not the end of the process, it is the beginning; all future oil shale and tar sands development projects will federally require comprehensive, site-specific detail-centric processes, which include many opportunities for public engagement and comment. Unfortunately, Senator Salazar is pretending to be ignorant of this process, whilst wasting Congress’ time with redundant proposals in the hopes of gaining press coverage and grandstanding on behalf of the very vocal, very small special-interest minority in Colorado.

I was happy to see Senator Allard understands the majority of citizens on the Western Slope want to see a national oil shale leasing program happen. Oil shale development is a critically important necessity for our energy security. It would bring thousands of jobs to our area, and would increase money to the state’s coffers through taxes and revenue.

Senator Salazar has consistently voted against developing Colorado energy resources, which would help power America and power our economy.

Charles Green

Grand Junction

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