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In Monday’s PI Sandy Tippet-Smith writes imploring us to pay attention to a “Congressional Reform Act,” attributed to Warren Buffett. The truth is, Warren Buffett did not say or endorse any of this. The truth is the information from Sandy Tippet-Smith is from a rampant email referring to a so-called 28th Amendment that rears its head every election cycle, designed to rile up the base and discourage the easily discouraged voter. Hear is how the Buffett variation starts: “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes. You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.” This quote came from a July 7th, 2011 CNBC interview in which the Oracle of Omaha addressed the then-current issue of raising the debt limit. The rest of the information Mr./Mrs. Tippet-Smith references however, has nothing to do with Warren Buffett.

There have been many variations of this passed around the Internet over the last few years. A quick check of Snopes or Urban Legends or any of many other sources would have educated Mr./Ms. Tippet-Smith that this was political propaganda and nothing more. It did elicit the knee jerk reaction the original poster was after. Not only from Sandy Tippet-Smith, but from many emailers happy to stir the pot with false information forwarded to and from their friends and relatives. I have received it a dozen times, in many variations, over numerous election cycles. Many of you have received it also. Almost all the points are, at best, distortions and, at worst, lies. All are designed to tick off the reader, and create more hate for government. Funny, none of my Democratic friends have sent me any form of this, unless it was to refute it. Hmmmm.

I would suggest that before you send out this kind of information, whether via email or a “Letter to the Editor”, do some basic research. As Sergeant Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts.”

Craig S. Chisesi


It doesn’t seem so long ago, but counting on my fingers and the blisters on my hands it would seem time moved on too damn fast and the things I should have done, didn’t. So it is with a fellow I hired to do talent for me at the Aspen Market, a deep-voiced fella whose talent had lapsed into a dozen songs and a few guitar chords happened across my path and felt elated for an afternoon gig and a hundred bucks. For several years I hired him whenever I could find him sitting on a bench in the mall area, singing with his case out front. His delight was always apparent and would talk of the days when he would write late at night and even cut a few tunes for his latest CD, cigarette always hanging with a curl of smoke about his tawny face … it is now playing as I write in memoriam. T.Ray Becker turned in his guitar and RV for that long journey … one of the local Carbondale bars drank late in commemoration last night. Our paths did not cross in the last two summers, but I always looked for his little camper late at night on some lonely corner in the same little community. He will be missed by those toasting him with upturned glasses of foamy brews on the corner of the Main Street bars and by a lonely tear from a guy who did not look him up but wondered and wondered. Adios T.Ray, may your spurs cross with Pathos Bill out yonder….

Jack D’Orio


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