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Strangely enough it seems the rest of America is finally getting the news about fracking. This is the means now being used to explore and extract natural gas from Mother Earth here in America.

An extraction well is erected and, as they have advertised, drilling down a mile or more will not contaminate water supplies.

Fracking, which is basically fracturing the earth, begins with the ability to turn 90 degrees and continue drilling while using chemicals and hydraulic water pressure to open cavities to release gases underground.

Here in Colorado on the Western Slope we have become familiar with fracking over these past years. Questions about fracking and its possible hazards still exist, although much of Colorado’s federal lands have been opened up to drilling. Questions arose when bubbles started appearing in a stream on the Western Slope. Although open ground did not expose escaping vapors they did show up in the stream.

When another resident discovered they were able to light water with a match coming from their water faucet concern spread over the area.

Today however we see ads flooding the television explaining the safety of drilling using the fracking method. Meanwhile concerns grow throughout America over our need for oil and our need for safety.

With the oil companies utilizing fracking now being exempt from the Clean Water Act and also protected from exposure of what type of chemicals they use. The mystery of influence and politics interwoven with concern generates many questions not yet asked or answered.

We here in Colorado are fortunate enough to live in a state that many consider America’s crown jewel. Within the state boundaries the majestic Rocky Mountains with 54 14,000-footers tower over some of the most majestic photographic scenery in the world. Waking up in this wonderland of scenic beauty and wonder with its atmosphere of healthy living gives me concern over the direction we are moving. Hopefully we will be able to meet the challenges and survive with our great country intact but we must be ever vigilant to protect and defend her.

Jim Childers

New Castle

Many living through the “idiocracy” in Marble over the last couple of years would wish Wednesday’s headline read, “Hijacking the town council for cronyism and abuse of public office voted down in Marble.”

Tony Petrocco is an ethical professional with enough common sense to uphold all citizens’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights by standing in the way of mere witch hunting. He has disputed the small-town, small-minded antics of a disgruntled group who employs slander and shunning to attempt to punish those with the courage to resist such unbridled nastiness.

This whole recall effort was merely an attempt to remove an ethical obstacle to their fomenting more abuse of public office. If the Colorado Attorney General is not already investigating selective enforcement and the despicable violation of citizens’ constitutional rights by this dysfunctional faction, he should be.

Congratulations to Tony Petrocco and the sane majority of Marble voters who stopped those attempting to misuse town government to further their own private blood feud.

The majority tally to retain Tony Petrocco as mayor did not even include the many voters who out of disgust for what the town council has become, refused to vote at all.

Vince Savage


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