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This week, the unabashed leftist at the PI, decided to opine, for the most part, on the trampling of the First Amendment by various administrations since its inception in 1791.

While Mr. Sundin usually portrays a myriad of examples of revisionist U.S. history, he was more or less spot-on in his column on Wednesday (save his take on Citizens v. United, which oddly enough, was a decision in favor of the First Amendment, but I digress).

However, after for once writing something with a somewhat accurate perspective, Hal had to ruin his piece by criticizing certain GOP legislatures for requiring “a certain group of Americans” to present photo ID in order to vote, and making the case that such a requirement is akin to a Poll Tax.

Since Mr. Sundin wasn’t man enough to say it, I’ll spell it out for him: He doesn’t like the fact that some states are making it harder for Illegal aliens to vote. Something that, if allowed to continue, violates the rights of actual citizens by having their votes diluted by foreigners that are already breaking federal law by being here in the first place.

Memo to Hal Sundin: Keep your columns focused, on topic, and based on actual history. You were able to pull this off for the first two-thirds of last week’s piece, and it would be awesome if you could just push it across the finish line next week.

Oh, and if you have a controversial viewpoint, please just come out and say it. If you believe that a majority of Roaring Fork Valley residents believe that Illegal aliens should be allowed to vote, just say so.

Lack of courage is, in my opinion, somewhat unbecoming of a man of your stature in this community.

Bryan Holloway

Glenwood Springs

“The Gang of Three” has its wish: To continue to place the witch hunt above the real, more pressing issues of the district: that of the education of our students. You three must be proud.

Now I ask you and the rest of the Board the following:

A. How much will this “360 survey” cost, and where is the money coming from? In all of the press, no one is talking about that. This expense better not come out of the mill levy money. If the company that Aspen Ski Co. has used in the past is chosen for the survey, more foul play. It would be like having the fox guard the hen house (pun intended).

B. So with this “360 Survey,” how is staff to include teachers, morale being kept up and attention to the work at hand being taken care of? Teachers have been quoted that there is this “pending doom” that hangs over their heads and their work. Once again, the students suffer.

Again, I am not saying that the current administration is not without problems. No school district is perfect. But how arrogant of the board to make this issue the top priority when district finances and basic education are not even being discussed, all within week of their election. Finances and continuation of programs should take precedence over all things. The governor wants to cut more than $1.5 million from the K-12 budget this next year. What are the board’s plans for making sure that does not happen, and if it happens, what is the plan? And what is the board doing about keeping up the momentum in the classroom?

And lastly, the people that think that this review/survey is “mandated” by the election of the three new board members, what are you thinking? Certainly not of the big picture. No one has addressed your “mandated board member” recommendation that parents send their kids to Aspen because it was a better district. Are you lemmings? Finances and education, not personal and personnel agendas.

Leary O’Gorman


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