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Reading that Glenwood’s P&Z denied Ross’ new sign proposal and that council was revisiting the issue got my attention. I just could not believe that a new sign for a business like Ross, which is the type of business any town would be happy to have, was denied while local “medical” marijuana stores are able to put “Pot & Hash Sale” signs on their store fronts and this is OK? What has happened to us? Is there just no common sense around anymore? For the record I have no issue with what an adult does in their home with marijuana, or alcohol for that matter. But what’s going on with these “dispensaries” is a farce and we all know it. Do we have “Valium” dispensaries, “Percoset” dispensaries or “Viagra” Dispensaries? No, because these items of “medicinal” value are properly dispensed at a pharmacy. This whole “dispensary” thing is a joke, but the reality is it’s not funny at all. A few weeks ago there was a community meeting with the State of Colorado Attorney General, Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson, Dr. Paul Salmen, as well as representatives from the Re-1 school board and YouthZone, to name a few. Acknowledged was the fact that marijuana use by teenagers, in our valley, has skyrocketed since the advent of these “dispensaries.” The reason was explained as twofold: 1) easy access to dispensary products through parent and sibling use and 2) the “appearance of consent” for marijuana use, by the community, due to the “very existence” of these dispensaries. They explained that it is normal for teenagers to respond to the “appearance of consent” for actions as “approval.” And when questioned about marijuana use, teenagers actually did not even understand why marijuana was considered a “problem” when there was clear “consent” on Main Street, Glenwood Springs. Dr. Salmen went on to explain how the actual physical, emotional and chemical response of marijuana, in the brain of a teenager, is much different than that of an adult, resulting in negative decision making and socialization. It’s about the kids.Ed RosenbergGlenwood Springs

On behalf of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association, I would like to encourage community members to shop at local small businesses, especially on Saturday, Nov. 26. This is the second annual Small Business Saturday, which is a day to make a special effort to shop and dine at small businesses that create jobs, boost our economy and enrich our community. To help encourage participation in Small Business Saturday, American Express is offering a one-time $25 statement credit when you register an eligible American Express Card and use that card for a purchase of $25 or more at a small business on Nov. 26. You can visit to join the initiative, give a shoutout to your favorite local stores and restaurants and pledge to shop at small businesses on Nov. 26. Small business owners can also download online promotional materials to help them drive customers to their businesses on Small Business Saturday.Thank you in advance for supporting the small businesses that are integral in making our unique community such a wonderful place to call home. Sincerely,Angie AndersonGlenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association

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