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Unlike in our nation’s capital, in Garfield County it doesn’t take a “Super Committee” of twelve political hacks to trim a budget.

Our Board of County Commissioners – John Martin, Mike Samson and Tom Jankovsky – don’t need a directive nor to appoint a committee to “study” ways to reduce the 2012 County budget.

The BOCC differs from a congressional committee in many respects. First and foremost, it represents the interests of the people as evidenced by productive budgetary work sessions that have already “whittled the budgetary gap down to a little more than $1.3 million.”

Meanwhile, after almost four months of “ineptivity” SupCom has accomplished nothing, because inept congressional leaders chose fellow incompetent congressional representatives on the basis of politics rather than expertise. To bad the SupCom couldn’t have been composed of the nation’s most successful business executives who daily study their operations making management decisions to control expenses.

Consider the action being taken by a county commissioner who is “business oriented” – Tom Jankowsky. Tom’s approach to “line item” budgeting is not rocket science, but simply good business practice. The wizards in Washington can’t understand this because they’ve never run a business nor made tough business decisions. That is scary. Isn’t our federal government the biggest business in the world? Well, good businessmen like Tom are not appointed, they are self-made through hard work, determination and experience.

Quoting from a former congressional leader: “I think this supercommittee is about as dumb an idea as Washington has come up with in my lifetime.” As dumb, or dumber?

The supercommittee is a perfect example of why decisions in Washington take so long. The longer it takes, the more the public is apt to forget about the purpose.

Meanwhile, back in Garfield County, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, our BOCC provides reason to be thankful for their work in our behalf. Thanks to John, Mike and Tom for your dedication and your service to our county in “eliminating shortfall in the 2012 budget.”

God bless America.

Richard D. Doran


I arrived in Carbondale about 21⁄2 months ago. I was invited by my friend Jim who lives in River Valley Ranch. I was so glad to be here in the midst of the snowcapped peaks and golden aspen trees.

Jim was so proud of my being here that he loved to show me off to his friends and neighbors and those who would pass by. When Jim awoke the other morning, he discovered that I was gone, and he did not know where to look for me. I was no longer there because I was taken from Jim’s home without permission. You see, I am the flag that was flying on Jim’s front porch right next to the American flag. I am a flag from Israel.

James DeBerge


To Charlotte and Charlie Lueders, I, too, have been the victim of a Colorado flag theft. When I called K-D flags in Grand Junction to order a replacement they told me it happens a lot during hunting season. The reasons are varied, I’m sure, but the bottom line is it gives hunters a bad reputation.

The solution for me is to remove the Colorado flag from display during hunting season.

Ken Kriz

Glenwood Springs

I have a question for the populace. I am trying to figure out why one person in the neighborhood has to move their vehicles every 72 hours or risk being towed. But 100 feet away a person is allowed to let vehicles sit for months. One of them even has expired license plates. I had a vehicle that I inherited but was having trouble getting the title in my name. In this time the plates expired and the car was towed within the week and sold at auction. I really would like an answer.

Tom Bianco

Glenwood Springs

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