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Why are we allowing homes to go up along the river where conservation efforts are being made? Does the land no longer have value? Community sentiment against the idea should take precedence in this decision.

There is much value within this ecosystem, as it is teeming with life and needs decision-makers such as John Martin around for its safety.

According to the Roaring Fork Conservancy, 85 percent of wildlife need riparian, yet only 1 percent of our rivers are riparian, hence its importance. Tom Jankovsky said it best, that the stretch is “pretty much filled up.”

Can we leave no accessible water for our migratory wildlife? Other locations must be considered. Development will only continue the degradation that is already so prevalent along this portion of river.

I am saddened by judgments of those in charge of our community’s social and environmental integrity. I do not feel we should add housing developments to an area where people live semi-privately; they bought their homes there for a purpose. How can that be so selfishly taken from them?

This is far from a sustainable decision. The triple bottom line is valued about as much as the land and its people are. How ironic!

Heightened levels of nutrients will further deplete oxygen in the water, resulting in eutrophication, and upsetting the river’s entire ecosystem even more than it currently is. The river and the land rely on us, just as the community relies on good decision making by our county commissioners. If you haven’t yet, please review the maps available at Roaring Fork Conservancy.

I ask the commissioners to please consider the people and the environment within their decision. This is a Gold Medal stretch and should be treated as such because of its economic value to our community. The golf communities already occupy enough precious land along the section of river. Do any of our decision makers reside in this area?

We owe it to our opposing community members that have already made the investment in their land, as well as the wildlife that inhabit this area, to keep it safe and out of harm’s way.

Lacy King

Glenwood Springs

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