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Visiting from Wisconsin for the holiday weekend, I was eating breakfast in Rifle when I read Mr. Whitcomb’s letter, “Obama does not respect his country.” My sense of fairness compels me to respond.

I agree with Mr. Whitcomb on two points, McCain seems to be the best option and no big deal on the flag pin. But the assertion that not putting one’s hand over their heart for the National Anthem makes them “unpatriotic” and “wicked” had me laughing in disbelief. At best, this opinion is very narrow-minded and unfair.

This must be a regional thing. As a dirt track race announcer in Wisconsin, I have led the audience for the anthem on many nights. For Midwesterners, protocol is to put your hand over your heart for the Pledge Of Allegiance, as in swearing an oath with your heart. For the National Anthem, standing at attention (with hats removed) is perfectly acceptable, the pundits have concurred. Which is exactly what you see when you Google “Obama National Anthem Video.”

I am quite certain of my patriotism. Having visited numerous foreign countries, I can say with perspective I believe we have a great nation. To declare someone as wicked without just cause, and encouraging “unmerciful attacks” is truly unpatriotic.

I found the people of Colorado to be quite pleasant, friendly and within the mainstream, so I will presume Mr. Whitcomb’s views to be an aberration. What really had me laughing was the supposedly thoughtful opinion that most Democrats are ignorant; I guess it takes one to know one.

Though I am an independent voter, and typically lean conservative, it is a fact that over the last 16 years the Democrats put this nation into the black, cutting welfare and spending; while the Republicans have been on a spending orgy putting us into the red. Certainly, Hillary-Care is not the answer to our health care expense problems.

But the high cost of health insurance needs to be addressed.

I am just happy that in contrast to the last two elections, both candidates appear to be intelligent.

Jay Ohman

Sussex, Wisconsin

Originally addressed: Dear Mom,

It is important to be respectful when you are representing your school because it is not fair to other kids for something you did. When kids want to come to Lion’s Pond, they will say no for something I did.

Respectful: Showing proper respect, consideration or courtesy.

Peer pressure is what you get when somebody is trying to get you to do something you’ve never done before. Sometimes peer pressure can be good, like if somebody is trying to get you to clean something up that you don’t want to clean up. But other times, people want you to drink something or smoke something or just do something bad.

Jacobi Cooley


I would hire a good lawyer and march down and plop that measly insult right in Tony Hershey’s lap! Then I would say, “See ya in court, pal!” and proceed to sue that overeager and not very bright TRIDENT for 1,000 times the amount you got.

Dr. Jack Steele, DST


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