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This is the time of year when my thoughts turn to those I hold near and dear: family and friends. This note is about one such person.

Many, I will wager hundreds of us in this valley from Aspen to Rifle, are indebted to this woman. For years she shared her expertise in the needle arts with us. From sewing to knitting to quilting to needlepoint to crochet, Emmy Neil was our Needle Arts Encyclopedia.

She was always there: for some through Colorado Mountain College, for others, 4-H, to lend a helping hand, to teach us that “ripping builds character.” to help us navigate the murky waters of “the pattern.” Emmy was a jovial, caring friend with a wealth of knowledge to share, a saint.

Emmy Neil now spends most of every day sitting alone at Heritage Park Care Center. The Coal Seam Fire robbed her of her home, her life’s possessions and, in the end, her identity.

Please, if you find yourself in Carbondale, stop by Heritage Park and give Emmy a hug. Visit with her for a few minutes. She may open her eyes and smile and speak a sentence or two. Most importantly, she will know that you are there and that you care. Thank you all. Warm and happy holidays.

Jenny Tempest


Editor’s Note: Emmy Neil passed away on Sunday, Nov. 27.

In the light of the Obama “veto” of the Keystone pipeline, the government’s prodigal investments in “Edsels” such as e-cars and companies like Solyndra, and the regulatory fascism of the EPA, it is clear now that Big Green has as firm a stranglehold on our nation as Big Oil, Big Pharma, or the military-industrial complex ever had.

Small wonder. Just consider how some of our neighbors think. At CMC’s graduation last spring, the featured commencement speaker, a person who earns his daily bread as a “Director of Sustainability” (nice work if you can get it, I suppose), told the graduates that the greatest single challenge they will face in their lifetime will be climate change.

Permit me to replace such fear-mongering with a little of my own. Might those graduates be more apt to be affected by the imminent economic collapse of Europe and the United States, and the social upheavals that will follow?

We are already engaged in a slow-burn civil war between the left and the right, akin to the situation between slave states and free states in 1850, with a Fort Sumpter somewhere in our future unless the Islamists manage to “unite” us again.

Informed environmentalism is a positive good, but it should beware of being co-opted by the hard left’s more radical agenda, articulated straightforwardly by Obama’s first Green Czar, Van Jones – who is Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx and Peter Kropotken all rolled into one, and whose STORM manual even now is the playbook for the Occupy movement’s more anarchic events.

“Green energy” is just one tool in this regime’s toolbox for advancing state socialism, valued for as long as it remains useful. Indeed, it is one of the principal means of keeping educated, high-minded white professionals on board the Democratic ship – people who might consider voting Republican this time around, were it not for their fear that Republicans will destroy the planet.

If you’re one of these, keep doing your homework. Even if climate change proves to be one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, it is riding so far behind the others that by the time it gets here, today’s graduates might view it as an angel of mercy. Nothing that we have known and valued will be left to care about.

Chad Klinger


Am I the only one in Glenwood Springs steaming mad at Comcast Cable?

I’ve had basic cable for almost a year. In mid-November, Comcast cut off roughly four dozen channels. When I called, incredulous, I was told by a supervisor that we had been getting those channels “by mistake.”

When I protested that Comcast can’t change the terms of our contract unilaterally, I was told that “it’s not a contract.”

Contract or agreement, isn’t this just semantics to dodge responsibility?

By the way, I was told that for an additional $30 I could get back the channels I had been getting.

What do other readers think? Is the Federal Trade Commission the next letter I should write?

A.M. Lynn

Glenwood Springs

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