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“I Hate Hamlet” is the name of the current production at the New Space Theater at CMC, Spring Valley Campus. You don’t have to love or hate Shakespeare to enjoy this hilariously funny play, which premiered on Broadway in 1991.

If the opening week of this play was any indication, you’ll need a reservation for this weekend’s performances.

Hate Shakespeare? I love him! And more so this production for the performances of the actors. Go see it!

Stephen Kuhn

Glenwood Springs

I’m writing in response to Craig Chisesi’s Dec. 3 letter and his doubt as to the reliability of the Bible.

Almighty God who spoke this universe into existence is more than able to preserve His word over 2,000 years and through many translations. The Bible is not just a book written by men. It is the word of the living God, penned by men by the power of God’s spirit.

The message of the Bible has always been the same. It exposes our sin and lays us bare before God. At the same time it builds us up and makes us wise unto forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ. It also instructs us on how we should live.

I challenge Mr. Chisesi to read the Bible from cover to cover and find out for himself, or at the very least, read the Gospel of John. It’s about 30 pages in most Bibles, depending on size of print. God loves you and wants you to know Him. He will speak to your heart and you will know the truth.

Bob Kennedy


Thank heaven for Craig Chisesi’s Dec. 3 letter regarding evolution and the Bible. I, for one, hope it’s the last on this subject.

Instead of arguing about things that are, in military parlance, “above our pay grade,” why don’t we focus on what we are responsible for? Namely, doing unto others as we would be done unto. Looking at all the people suffering in the U.S. and the world, it doesn’t seem we are doing a very good job on this, the one thing all the great religions demand of us.

Mary Boland


Interesting letter by Craig Chisesi published on Dec. 3. His outline of the many transitions of the Biblical narrative over thousands of years is compelling. It sure makes it hard to believe.

I wonder how many transitions there are and over how many years are involved in Darwin’s theory. Easier to believe?

Jonathan Rice


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