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When we first moved to Carbondale, we heard the first rumblings of the “no Big Box” motto about town. People were afraid that such a change would take away business from our small boutique stores. Now, many of those stores have gone out of business because we do not have the means to draw enough consumers to support them.

Another fear was that the big box would not have the right look for our town. Look at towns such as Hilton Head, S.C., to find great examples of good planning and architecture where the buildings blend right into the natural scenery.

But that’s all in the past. So now we all drive to Glenwood Springs to get many of our basic necessities, adding our car fumes to the ozone, and giving them our money to make improvements to their town.

The new cry is “no VCR.” The new fears are:

1. Paying an extra tax on our groceries. I don’t like this either, but the reality is that I’ll only be paying an extra $5 a month for my family of four, and the money comes back to our town in improvements to the sidewalks and highway. Also, with the improvement to the organic and housewares sections of City Market, I’ll spend less time going to Glenwood Springs.

2. Losing the pastureland. More then 75 percent of the cow pasture will remain.

3. Looking like a suburban mall. We have an opportunity to improve our entrance corridor; to add something better looking than the 7-11 and ReMax.

The latest draft of the proposed VCR is the result of years of asking “so what do you want to build in your town?” We all had the chance to give our input to the Road Map committee.

I don’t agree with all the ideas in this proposal, but this is the best solution from a cooperative effort of a cross-section of our community members.

Change is inevitable. The land has been sold. Something will be built. Rather than just saying “no,” offer solutions, offer plans and be a positive part of the change.

Nicki Cannon


Hal Sundin’s Dec. 1 column, as usual, fascinates me, because he appears to have facts that consistently lead him to the wrong conclusions.

His conclusions are not those of any engineer I have known. I have taken civil and mechanical engineering courses and hired excellent mining engineers. Their facts, measurements and calculations lead to the right conclusion.

Politicians, not money or statesmen, are corrupting our political system. Statesmen’s souls are not for sale.

A parliamentary system such as United Kingdom’s with its habitual royalty works no better than even the current American republic burdened by Obama.

Promotion of a UK system for America should be regarded as a major step toward an American kingdom and away from a world-leading American republic. All America needs is a change of administration to an adult statesman aided by a vice president of similar caliber who speaks and understands Mandarin.

America needs Newt Gingrich as president and Jon Huntsman as his vice president to help America regain prosperity and world leadership.

Dooley P. Wheeler Jr.


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