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Thank you to Leslie McNamee-Johnson for her letter regarding reusable bags. I would ask that these opposing citizens watch the documentary “Bag It,” and then see if they would re-evaluate their stance on the issue.

Consumption in the U.S. is a disheartening problem, especially in the world of plastics. I would hope that if any of the opposing members have children, they would have the determination to act out such easy steps toward creating a better future for them.

I have no kids, my drive is the floating trash heap the size of Texas in the Pacific and the harm it is causing all the innocent animals and creatures caught in the middle of human selfishness.

I am writing this letter because I am interested in hearing a logical explanation as to why the bag fee debaters feel their claim is just. I am a sustainability student, so I am concerned about this issue.

According to the statistics presented in “Bag It,” 60,000 plastic bags are used every five seconds in the U.S. Also from “Bag It,” less than 25 percent of our plastic bags and bottles are recycled, leaving our oceans with 40 times more plastic than plankton in certain areas. A whale has been discovered with 19 square feet of plastic in its stomach. That’s horrible. These are astonishing and ridiculous numbers that only we have the power of changing.

Our country must stop using fossil fuels to create these “urban tumbleweeds” and adapt to re-usable bags, an almost effortless and sustainable solution to the problem.

I was unable to find information on the Aspen bag ban, but I know it is 20 cents per paper bag with plastic banned completely. According to House Bill 1521 in Indiana, 25 percent of the fees acquired go toward economic development, the other 75 percent going to the Department of Education. Does anyone know local logistics on such fees?

One thing I would hope many could agree upon, due to recent happenings and articles in the community and valley, is that our kids and economy would benefit from the implementation of a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Lacy King

Glenwood Springs

First things first, I would like to thank all the readers who have taken the time to read my thoughts.

This time of year is a time to give thanks and appreciation for all we have. I have read many of the letters written in the last year and am thankful for the chance to do so.

However, as this year year comes to an end, I ask one thing. Instead of complaining and arguing all our differences we have in these last few days left in 2011, may we make room for giving thanks?

I ask all readers to do this one thing: List five things you are thankful for and five goals you have for the new year. The energy spent will outweigh the time spent doing anything else.

I have a U.S. Marine to thank for this enlightenment. Thanks to all who read this and happy holidays.

Cameron Daniel

Glenwood Springs

To what do we owe the displeasure of this plague? This scourge of bought and sold politicians, who cannot be bothered with the troubles of the electing body, nay, cannot be moved to respond to our desperate pleas.

Are they so separate from us that the consequences we’ve felt because of their actions cease to loop back upon them?

When looking at the Occupy movement (for better or worse), I see a tremendous opportunity for an elected official to stand up and provide an avenue for those who feel disenfranchised, to embody the American concept of leadership. And yet, not a single official has.

In the meantime, money has been spent to corral, remove and pester the crowd, more money than can really be afforded at this point. People have been seriously injured, pepper-sprayed and harassed. Police used as pawns and at great peril are being pushed to antagonize in an attempt to precipitate a volatile response.

Where are the peacemakers?

Who among the Senate or the House has stepped forward to help have the views of literally thousands be heard?

If the leadership cannot stand up and promote the American Ideal, then could they be asked to stand for public safety? What good comes from merely ignoring those who seek to protest? Far more troubling is what that says about how your own viewpoint will be acknowledged.

I fear that every one of the lousy bums in Washington, the respective state capitols and yes, even some city halls, have failed. I think they have missed their opportunity, and possibly the mark we set for them when we granted them our trust.

This is a difficult topic for me because I cannot see a way to improve the situation. It would seem that our leadership only feels responsible to maintain the values of those who pay for their election campaigns. Their actions suggest that the upholding of our American values and the voting public’s trust is best served if it coincidentally aligns for the moment with their own ends.

Morgan Bell


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