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I recently attended our local Rotary Club meeting and heard an interesting presentation by Louis Meyer, principal of Schmueser Gordon Meyer Engineers. SGM has been providing engineering consultation services to Carbondale as well as towns across Colorado for the past 30 years.

Mr. Meyer’s presentation focused on Carbondale municipal infrastructure. He presented a report card evaluating the overall condition of Carbondale’s municipal assets.

For years, the town trustees have done an excellent job of stewardship of the town’s infrastructure. It is important that such stewardship continues into the future.

With such dramatic growth, the town has been behind the curve in keeping up with the growth, no less the maintenance requirements for much of its infrastructure. With much of the town’s infrastructure now more than 50 years old and the federal government continually coming out with new EPA regulations, the town of Carbondale is facing horrendous problems in determining where the money is going to come from to maintain, update and replace its existing infrastructure.

These are hard facts that cannot be ignored. Another hard fact is many of Carbondale’s residents are having a very tough time surviving with our valley’s current depressed economic condition.

Carbondale residents need to think about how we can increase tax revenues, local business activity and jobs. Doing so is not just a nicety, but a necessity.

We currently have an opportunity to increase all three by voting “yes” for the Village at Crystal River.

There are those who say such a project will kill downtown businesses. I find this hard to believe. The local downtown business owners I know tell me they believe the Village will increase activity at their business by making the entire town, not just the Village at Crystal River, a great place to come and shop, eat and enjoy entertainment.

Additionally, adding such a project will create hundreds of immediate jobs to build it and approximately 145 long-term jobs to support the new businesses.

Jack G. Gausnell


We have all shared the many reasons why we have chosen to live and/or work in Carbondale. Bottom line is it’s for the passion of the place and the people. The small town joy of when you walk down the street, go to an event or pop into a store and say “hi” to someone you know.

Whether you are for or against The Village at Crystal River, it is about your caring for your community that is driving your passion. Please don’t continue to give dirty looks, make nasty comments or expand the divisiveness to your fellow Carbondalians. Take this time to smile, say “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” and realize we are all working from a perspective of caring.

It may not match your opinion, but it deserves the respect and cordiality that comes from neighbors in a small community. Work towards the betterment of your community. Say “thank you” to your Board of Trustees, whether you agree with them or not and to your mayor who works tirelessly on your behalf to find the best solution for Carbondale while balancing work and family.

That is my wish for Carbondale for 2012. Work towards a time of healing and don’t destroy the very thing you love about Carbondale: the diverse nature of everyone who lives and works here. Regardless of the outcome of this initiative, we need to remember to work together for a shared future.

Debbie Patrick


Dear Republicans, please do not keep championing Newt Gingrich. He cannot beat Obama because the young people who voted for Obama and are now out of work look on him as an old Republican Elephant.

I am an old woman, too, but the people who will make a difference voting don’t want more of the same – and stop bringing up Reagan – that is old news.

I agree with Newt and love his comebacks, but he is not an administrator and has an excitable personality. Please guide people to Mitt Romney; Newt would make a great VP – president of the Senate, would be a valuable asset to the GOP agendas.

Mitt Romney is a steady, reasonable, intelligent candidate who is also qualified to administer, something we do not have with Obama.

Think of your own job – you had to be qualified. Mitt’s so-called flip-flopping is a sign of a thoughtful thinker; myself, I have changed my mind about these same things. As more information becomes available, we do change our minds. In my many years, I have seen the GOP shoot itself in the foot too many times by getting caught up in ideological debates, and they lose good candidates every time.

This last governor election in Colorado is a classic example.

Please promote sanity, not sensation.

Marlis Laursoo

Glenwood Springs

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