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Again, I was very saddened to hear about the plight of the Mexican workers, especially those who came from Tabasco, where their homes were flooded recently, to work for JNS Construction. I was thrilled, however, that someone like attorney Don Kaufman was helping them with their legal dispute. When we had our Katrina, the Mexican government sent army troops and workers to help with the cleanup and rescue of our citizens. In return to help them, we pitched the Mexican government $300,000 and promises such as the ones that JNS Construction gave to these men. In the Tabasco flood, 2 million people lost their homes. Now, under threat of legal action, these men will be sent back without any reparations for their time and money they spent getting here. I view this almost in the same light as the mournful plea to the community about loss of culture because someone heard Santa speaking Spanish. It has only added to my cynicism about what people have learned about Christmas, what they didn’t learn in kindergarten, and that self-interest and xenophobia are heightened since this “Worried about illegals” has become predominant instead of “What are we doing in Iraq?” My culture is Scottish (Gaelic), Viking (either Norwegian or Swedish), German, Portuguese, and American Indian, and now I am upset that Santa doesn’t speak any of those languages. In Mexico, they have just had one of their Christian religious ceremonies called La Posada. People go from house to house acting out Mary and Joseph’s ordeal, trying to find shelter and comfort in Bethlehem. At each house the people are given little bags of cookies, candies and fruit. It is a message of goodwill. In the U.S., we are worried about Santa speaking Spanish. Alice GustafsonGlenwood Springs

A lot of discourse has been printed lately about the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney, and the affect his religion might have on his term as president. Personally, I don’t think it is a major factor, any more than the Roman Catholic religion was for Jack Kennedy.A lot of information is available on the LDS or Mormon religion from the Utah Lighthouse Ministry Booklist, 1358 South West Temple, SLC, UT, 84115; e-mail voters we don’t really get firm stands during the campaigns by any of the candidates on the vital issues affecting the nation’s security, budget, etc., let alone how their religious bias might affect decisions. The best we can do is read pro and con arguments, search for facts and then decide. Too many voters will support the candidate that promises them the most in benefits at the expense of the workers and investors who furnish the funds.Bottom line is that nearly half of the voters will not be satisfied with the outcome of the election, and it might be even more than half. Witness the elections where the majority of votes cast didn’t elect a president. Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

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