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Here in Colorado, I think most of us consider ourselves outdoors people, close to nature. Then why are there so many people that don’t take recycling seriously? As I drive around town in my service business, I see piles of cardboard boxes put out to go in the trash. If you want the pleasures and beauty of this great planet, then it is your responsibility to take care of it. Many people that I have confronted about it say it is to much trouble to haul the stuff to the recycling center. I call that a big lazy cop-out, and most of those people need the exercise. The businesses like liquor stores, restaurants and hotels make a lot of money off of these recyclable items, but are not willing to properly dispose of them. It is your responsibility, whatever the cost is. Unfortunately, not everyone will do the right thing on their own, so sometimes they need to be pushed a little. So the next time you are in one of these businesses, ask if they recycle their trash. If they don’t, take your business to someone that does. Our planet is in real trouble, we all need to do everything we can to help out. I hate it when I hear people say, “Just throw it away.” If throwing it away meant it was piled in your backyard, you would be less apt to do it. Do your part to save the planet, call the recycling center at 945-2931 and find out all the products that are recyclable.John KorrieGlenwood Springs

I am truly appalled at the punishment given to the children involved in the Lions Pond display of poor judgment.I know of two kids that came forward and apologized and assisted in cleaning up, which, the punishment fit the crime, “cleaning up the mess.” I don’t believe behavior of this kind deserves being expelled or not being allowed to graduate with their class. This is a learning experience for a child to know what poor choices are and not to give in to peer pressure. The punishment given only shows the children that were too dishonest to come forward and apologize, that dishonesty is rewarded. It also shows those that did, that it may have been better to lie about it. You two boys that came forward and apologized did the right thing, and I hope you remain honest, even though you were treated unfairly for it. Honesty in life is the only way to go. You made a poor choice and took the consequences, and paid the price for all the children that were involved.Children will make mistakes; that’s how they learn, that’s how we all learn. Garfield Re-2 administration – shame on you, they are kids, not criminals.Hope MarshRifle

I narrowly missed a collision at the left turn at the north end of the downtown bridge over I-70 when a person in a CR-V who had been in the left lane on the bridge, took the center lane on the short stretch leading to the left turns toward the I-70 entrance ramps. I had been in the right lane across the bridge in order to get on I-70 westbound. The CR-V cut me off in the middle of the left turn at the end of the bridge. He didn’t understand he was in the lane intended for those wanting to go to I-70 eastbound. (He then proceeded to show some road rage by tailgating me down I-70 regardless of my speed, and we had words on the side of the road. He got off at New Castle). I pointed out to him that the driver’s education book says to complete a turn into the nearest lane, which he said doesn’t apply at that intersection. He will cause an accident soon. I suggest clearly painted white lines going around the turn for all lanes, religiously maintained. Also, signs over the bridge reading “To I-70 Eastbound” and “To I-70 Westbound.” This needs fixing for vacationers and locals!Terry ClarkGrand Junction

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