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As a resident of Carbondale for more than two years, and a native of Steamboat Springs, I greatly appreciate mountain living. From the majestic presence of Mount Sopris, to the First Friday art walks, the 5Point film festival, the farmers markets and wonderful restaurants, this town is a special place. I frequent the amazing dog park and appreciate the sense of community here. But as you drive into Carbondale along Highway 133, there is a strong feeling that things are in need of an improvement. Carbondale is desperate for a new economic opportunity, this is crucial for its survival.

The town of Carbondale is predominantly funded through sales tax revenue. If we had an expanded and improved City Market and additional retail options that attracted locals and visitors, we could bring in increased revenues. When hearing that 76 cents to every dollar spent by Carbondale residents goes outside of the town, it is clear something has to change now. This is resulting in loss of funding and deteriorating infrastructure.

The wonderful things we all love about this community rely on sales tax dollars for survival. Without it there will be no dollars to fund community buildings (Third Street Center), events, charming additions, nonprofits; all the reasons people choose to make their lives here.

The new Village at Crystal River development is that opportunity. A developer willing to work with the needs of the community in a socially and environmentally responsible way is a gift to Carbondale. Having the “greenest” full service grocery store in the state (a pledge City Market has made) is starting a long-overdue commitment to changing building standards. The noncompete stance with Main Street businesses means VCR is committed to keeping the heart of Carbondale alive, which is outstanding.

The benefits for improvements to Highway 133 will be far reaching; taking responsibility (one penny to every dollar) for these improvements extends to the entire community, a much safer road to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

It’s time to nourish this amazing community, to take responsibility for the continuing prosperity of Carbondale. Vote Yes.

Natalie Fisher


If Charles Dickens lived today, “A Christmas Carol” might have a different twist but would be, in these times, even more relevant.

A good example is the real world of income producers like local hard-working business owner “Frank.” Frank knows all about the modern reality of big government tax-more, spend-more solutions. For him it simply means his 17-hour workday now offers little hope for a pay raise in either Christmas Present or Christmas Future.

He can thank the mind-set of those like our County Finance Director, Lisa Dawson, who is schooled perhaps in ways most people can’t understand, openly speculating that county government workers’ pay raises be viewed as “economic development.”

Explain that one to Frank. His country’s $15 trillion debt has to be paid off somehow by those like him, even though there are fewer and fewer who’ve been able to hang on, as the haunting economics of crippling government policies continue to play out in the marketplace.

What the dickens could a modern version of “Christmas Carol” look like from this vantage point in history? Will Frank survive more government intrusion in 2012 and beyond?

We’re praying for Frank, for good reason and for all seasons.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

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