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Thanks to Jack E. Blankenship for his cute little ditty about President Obama on Dec. 26. For those who missed it, here it is:

“The U.S.A. sat solidly on the wall,

With a push from Obama, it had a great fall.

Who among loyal women and men,

Can return us to a healthy economy again?”

I’d like to offer this little response:

From 2001 thru 2008,

We had a president they tell us was great.

As he came into office our economy was soaring.

But when he departed the country was warring.

Two wars that we started have yet to be paid for,

Yet the economy is what Obama gets blamed for.

The Wall Street bailout and housing crash

are costing us taxpayers more than just cash.

And pardon me folks, but to my recollection,

These things all took place before Obama’s election.

The new GOP promised us a jobs bill.

Seems you can’t believe what they say on the hill.

NPR, women’s rights, and the EPA,

That’s what they’re voting to take away.

Mitch McConnell set the GOP precedent:

Make Barack Obama a one-term president.

Now we have Romney, Ron Paul and a Newt,

Each one wearing a thousand-dollar suit.

They tell us they’re just like regular folk,

Which I really think is kind of a joke.

Romney’s company sent jobs overseas.

Newt made millions in consulting fees.

Dr. Ron Paul tells us he’s better.

Just please ignore his racist newsletter.

I do feel sorry for Jack E. Blankenship

As he laments the lack of leadership.

That’s something on which we can agree.

There are no real leaders in the GOP!

Craig S. Chisesi


The proposed Village at Crystal River is not a good fit for Carbondale.

The pro-VCR folks argue that it will provide a huge increase in Carbondale’s sales tax revenues. But I have to ask how that will happen. There is no way that Lowe’s, Target, Staples or other large or medium-size retailers like that will locate in Carbondale. We have too small a population, and are already saturated with retail in the region.

Getting a slightly larger grocery store, a fast food restaurant and another gas station is not going to stop people from shopping at Target or Whole Foods. What it will do is stop people from supporting our current gas stations and locally owned restaurants such as Dos Gringos, Peppino’s and Fat Belly Burgers.

We have an amazing town that attracts people because we do not have this type of Front Range suburban mall development. We have a vibrant Main Street that we should be investing in.

A recent study by the Sonoran Institute says local governments have the potential to get more bang for their tax-return buck down on Main Street than at large-format suburban malls. We have a chance to make the right decision for Carbondale by voting no on the Village at Crystal River.

Laurie Guevara-Stone


The Dec. 27 column by Ross Talbott contains a number of misstatements and contradictions. One wonders if Mr. Talbott reads the documents he quotes so readily.

The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

It does not attempt in any way to suppress Christianity or any other religion. It states instead there will not be an official United States religion. The founders recognized that an official religion would lead to suppression of individual rights to practice as one believes. These are rights a lot of Americans of all religions have died to protect.

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God. Moses, to the best of my knowledge, was not a Christian. Our laws are founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and change as we learn.

Mr. Talbott also states that democracy will prosper only in Christian nations. But earlier in his diatribe, he pointed to Israel as a successful democracy. Is that a contradiction? Or did he not realize what he was saying?

The same First Amendment Mr. Talbott demeans goes on to establish freedom of speech and of the press. It’s lucky for Mr. Talbott it does, as he is able to rant and rave without facts to back up what he says.

It is too bad the Post Independent does not have a disclaimer stating that Mr. Talbott’s opinions are his own rather than the official position of the paper. Because without that disclaimer, one has to wonder how something so ignorant and misinformed can be published.

Herbert J. Feinzig


The upcoming Village at Crystal River has to be a no-no, not because of myself or Carbondale, but because of the gigantic and toxic world population, pollution and environmental problems. Keep us a small, fun town, not part of another mall mania.

Build and develop the new VCR 24-acre suburban shopping mall and here is what you will get: Nothing predesigned as organic ground. No crossing over Highway 133 for almost a mile from Main Street to the Village Road light. Good luck at Delores Way, and good luck to walkers, bikers, wheelchairs and baby carriages crossing anywhere along 133.

City Markets are absolutely limited by their Denver distributions. Why not build City Market on the south side of VCR? City Market currently uses between one to four of its checkout stands at a time. A new store at VCR might jack up another 10 percent of their volume, but expect shopping cart drop-off and trash mania to occur over all VCR’s 24 acres daily.

The cost of us buying the VCR lot over the last couple of years has been some $8 million to $10 million – the cost of one Aspen mansion. VCR should be bought and kept as organic open space by Carbondale. We could use CRMS ditch water to grow vegetables and use year-round solar domes. We could also have a year-round gravel walkway and bikeway and we would absolutely end up with a world class Frisbee course.

Suburban shopping mall development in America stopped in the middle to late 1980s. Since then, some 17 percent of malls have disappeared and often converted into little town shopping areas with shops, businesses, offices and condos.

Over the last four decades, the Union of Concerned Scientists has communicated about the international threats of downhill global degradation of all life and its sustaining resources.

Doc Philip


The choice facing Carbondale now is, will it become a viable town or remain a small artist colony with scarcity of tax money? The group that came in the 1960s says, “Leave it just the way it is.” The group that lives in River Valley Ranch says, “It is charming, stay just like it is.”

Bob and I came to Carbondale in 1941. There was one school building: no kindergarten, no hot lunch, no sports for girls, a small grocery and no library.

The Garfield County Library was in New Castle, serving Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Silt and Rifle. Helen Tibbets, grandmother of Toni Cerise, was the capable librarian. There was no government-funded babysitting – parents looked after their own children – no buses and no foul language on school grounds. There was one church, the Community Methodist, with a large basement for meetings, suppers, square dancing, etc.

I liked Carbondale the way it was, too. However we are in a different era now. It is called the Green Age for conservation.

Why should we have to get in the car and go elsewhere for our needs, handing Glenwood Springs or Basalt our tax money? We can be selfish and say “I’m here, you stay out,” or we can grow up and be proud of our outstanding town. We are fortunate to have a City Market that wants to build. Don’t control the size; let them build for our future needs.

Ruth B. Perry

Glenwood Springs

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