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As a recent visitor to Glenwood, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the new water feature in the river. Since on Sunday afternoon the weather was a little cool, my wife, Tracy, daughter, Lindsay, and sister-in-law, Jacalyn, had gotten out of the raft at Glenwood.

As we, my son-in-law, Mark, and his 16-year-old sister Megan proceeded to South Canyon to load the raft, I just barely noticed the little sign, maybe 1 foot by 2, on the bridge saying something about rapids and portaging two miles ahead. I asked Mark how far to South Canyon? He said four miles. I mentioned this to Mark, and he said he had not seen it. Needless to say, I got to experience the safety lesson Mark told us before we left, about the water being cold and that no one would come in after you, swim feet first and make your way to shore. Megan being the only one to ride the raft right through, was left to paddle the raft to the shore, which she did.

What I would like to know is, out of the $800,000 budget, who was left in charge of the signs, and why was only what looks to me like five bucks appropriated? Maybe someone else won’t be as lucky as my family was this day.

Thanks to the guys that helped Megan with the raft.

Darrell Cordova

American Fork, Utah

Norm Shroll’s letter of May 22 left me near tears. Alas, I seem to have offended the righteous and find myself on Norm’s “N.R.L.” (No read list.)

Although the U.S. managed quite nicely without drug laws for a century and a half, Mr. Shroll would have us consider Singapore’s death penalty for drug involvement. Talk about Draconian doobie dogma! We’ve learned nothing from prohibition, and so the prison industry prospers.

Unlike the Ten Commandments, American law is not chiseled in stone. Congress changes laws on a regular basis. In fact, I think it’s a job requirement.

I figure Jesus was a liberal kind of guy; he hung out with whores and political dissidents. He only gave us a couple of rules to follow: “Do unto others,” and “Judge not lest ye be judged.” The rest of the rules the disciples made up for their own profit.

We all have our little crutches to help us through life. A joint after a hard day’s work or yoga and running at dawn. You go to church on Sunday to talk with God while I go camping and see him in his wondrous wild creation. It’s all good. Why must we keep kicking our crutches out from under one another?

Do the righteous fear that recreational drug users can be positive and contributing members of society? Tom Edison used cocaine regularly. Would Norm have him executed and sent to hell?

It costs 50 cents per day to keep a heroin addict placated and harmless on methadone. It costs $50,000 per year to imprison him. If the threat of losing one’s job, home, health, family and ultimately one’s life does not deter people, what good does inane, counterproductive morality legislation do?

Your audacious presumption of spiritual superiority I can ignore. Besides, according to the Bible thumpers, most of my friends will be in hell. So I don’t think I’ll worry about getting into their heaven.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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