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Once again, Ross Talbot is achieving his very low standards of journalism. His Dec. 27 column is nothing more than an insult to those who are not of his exact mindset.

He writes, “In the educational system there will be a school that provided prayer room for Islamists but outlaws Christian clubs and even symbols.” Aside from his inability to understand tense and sentence structure, I am calling him on this statement. A journalist should be able to prove, or at least reference, his facts.

So where is this school that does not allow Christian symbols, but allowed (sic) a prayer room for Islamists? City, state and school name will suffice. I don’t believe there is such a school. I think Mr. Talbott is a fear mongerer.

He goes on to say, “Probably the dumbest thing we are doing as a culture is the suppression of Christianity. The so-called wall of separation between church and state was only conceived to suppress Christianity.”

Again, it is a hateful statement without support. The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” We as a society have actually done a pretty good job of keeping religious institutions in check, just as our founding fathers wanted.

I would like Mr. Talbott to give some examples. Exactly how is 83 percent of America suppressed? As I walk around Glenwood Springs I see many churches, lots of Christmas decorations and a large cross above town. Who is doing this suppression?

Mr. Talbott goes on to clumsily proselytize by saying, “Our legal system was founded upon the Ten Commandments.” Oh really? Out of the Ten Commandments, only two are law: “Thou shall not steal,” and “Thou shall not kill.” None of the others are law. I can legally worship idols and not keep the Sabbath holy.

He tops his column off with this gem, “Consider the fact that as we suppress Christianity, we are sliding into socialism.” Just to be clear, Christianity is a religion and socialism is an economic system. They are compatible. Besides, Jesus was a socialist.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

Every citizen should be involved in discrediting and replacing the current dysfunctional and corrupt two-party system and replacing it with the system that is spelled out in the Constitution, which states that the people will elect their representatives.

Representatives are now selected and elected by the political parties, which is not in accordance with the Constitution. These representatives only represent the party elites and their agendas and the donors to their campaigns. This amounts to legalized bribery.

The American people must be reminded that most of our problems can be traced back to the Republican and Democrat Congress that is responsible for instituting the Patriot Act, the foreign trade acts such as NAFTA, the undeclared and unfunded wars, the split estate laws concerning natural resources, the discriminatory income tax laws, and unprotected national borders. These laws violate our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and have destroyed our jobs, our economy and our country.

It is time that the people take back our government and our Constitution and elect public servants who will serve all the people, not just those whom they agree with. This can only be accomplished if all candidates for public office have to petition to get on the ballot and are publicly financed and subject to term limits.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

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