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I want to thank all of the listeners who either attended the forum Jan. 4 or joined in on the radio or TV. I also want to thank the moderator, Tim McFlynn, the panelists from the Locals campaign and my co-panelists from the Say Yes campaign for their participation as well.

In my opening statement, I indicated that my goal for the forum was to provide the facts about the Village at Crystal River (VCR) development so every voter could make an informed decision when casting their vote later this month.

Unfortunately some of the facts I provided that night are being misrepresented by the Locals and by the Post Independent’s headlines and article printed in the Jan. 6 edition (“VCR sales tax revenue estimates cut in half”).

At the forum I explained how I arrived at my projected $335,000 in sales tax revenue that VCR would generate to the town. I admitted that my numbers were a reduction from the revenue numbers projected by Economic Development Systems (EDS), the town’s Road Map group’s consultant, that were prepared in 2005.

In late 2009, when the project was starting its review process before the board of trustees, I adjusted these numbers downward due to market conditions and the state of the economy. I thought this was the prudent thing to do. The projected sales tax revenue number I used in all of the meetings with the trustees was $335,000. The meeting minutes and the town’s webpage verify this fact.

It appears the Locals, and this newspaper’s misleading headline and article that states, “his (Schierburg’s) use of numbers no one had seen before Wednesday night,” suggests that the reduction in projected sales tax number just occurred, maybe just for the forum.

This is totally not the case and is a misrepresentation of the facts. The charge by the Locals that I just changed my numbers appears to be an effort to question my credibility. How credible is it to make charges before checking your facts?

Rich Schierburg

Crystal River Market Place LLC


We’re not just any republic, but a constitutional republic, and not just any constitutional republic, but one justly defined and in writing.

A democracy favors the majority. The Bill of Rights protects the minority.

It defends against tyranny; no government can alter it.

Those rights are endowed and transcendent, an unalienable gift of freedom, not from any man, but from God.

American’s Constitution can be changed by amendment only, not by government, but by “We The People.”

Government does not give rights and it warrants no allegiance. The Constitution is the citizens’ armed guard.

Americans owe allegiance to America and to its foundation of freedom.

No other country has this. No other founders did this. No other peoples lived this.

We all have a stake in the Constitution, but are we smart enough, brave enough or courageous enough to defend it?

Check out the definition of “democracy” in an earlier Webster’s Dictionary, a more reliable edition in which “democracy” refers to countries such as Italy, not the United States.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

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