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Clean water and healthy balanced topsoil rank highest on my list of things to nurture and protect in our community. On Sustainable Settings Ranch, clean water is essential to the production of our beyond-organic veggies, meats, eggs and dairy products.

Hundreds of families rely on us for their weekly nutrition. They trust that we go the extra mile to provide the purest, healthiest environment possible so that the food that comes from this ranch transfers health to them and their families. We sell the food we produce through our ranch store, restaurants, a CSA, a dairy co-op and the Aspen Saturday Market.

If our ditch water or wells are fouled due to oil drilling and gas fracking high up in our watershed, it will not only affect the health of our animals, the life in our soils and ultimately the caliber of our food, it will also affect the health of each of us who chose to eat.

That’s why it’s critical that gas and oil development not happen in our watershed and that the Obama administration restore protections through the Clean Water Act that safeguard Thompson Creek, the Crystal River and the tributaries feeding the Roaring Fork River from unlimited pollution.

For 30 years, the Clean Water Act protected the nation’s waters, from unnamed streams to the mighty Colorado River. But now, because of two polluter-backed Supreme Court decisions, legal uncertainty threatens critical resources with unregulated pollution, including headwaters, tributaries and wetlands.

President Obama needs to act fast to put Clean Water protections back in place, just as they were before. Let’s make it clear that we want to protect the health of our water, our soils, our food and our families.

By restoring the Clean Water Act, the Obama administration can put us back on track to becoming a country where all farmers and ranchers can depend on clean water for their crops and livestock. And the public who eats the food that comes from our farms and ranches can rest assured that the food produced locally from our waterways is safe and healthy.

Brook LeVan


I am a local, and I vote “yes” for Carbondale. As an employee at Carbondale Middle School, a parent of three children and a resident of downtown Carbondale, I support the Village at Crystal River because it will encourage new retail options, beautify the entrance into Carbondale, and increase future revenue that will support our parks, school programs and lifestyle.

I know of many families whose children attend Carbondale schools, yet they shop elsewhere. A new, improved market will encourage these families to spend here instead of driving up to El Jebel. Please vote “yes” for Carbondale, to keep locals shopping locally.

Jennifer Lamont


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