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I am a Carbondale resident, business owner and mother of three. Carbondale is the place we love because it has continued to grow and evolve, becoming a blend of arts, events and dining that transcends cultures, ages and backgrounds.

It is hard to remember when we didn’t have the Recreation Center, a new high school, the restaurants, like Russets, or dare I say, even the convenience of Subway.

Isn’t it strange that the opposition questions the health of fast food, and yet our poor unhealthy community needs a dozen medical marijuana shops?

Why is it okay to impose a mill levy on the poor families for schools, but not to improve the safety of Highway 133, a regional highway with one of the lowest ratings in the state?

I am looking forward to having a new City Market with an expanded organic food section, more local meat so I won’t be wasting time and gas driving to El Jebel or Glenwood Springs, a place where my family can get everyday needs, basic staples that we can’t find in Carbondale.

Like many mountain resort communities, the historic downtown offers the quaintness that we love, but is balanced by the convenience, not to mention the sales tax revenues, of Highway 133. I have heard that more than 85 percent of our sales tax revenues come from these business and only 15 percent from downtown.

To continue maintaining our streets, supporting our non-profits, having the wonderful free community events, we have to generate the funds to pay for these things. It can’t just come from downtown. The Village at Crystal River will offer new retail options, keeping purchases in Carbondale.

Just imagine, we could have expanded senior care, a medical building, a new day care. The new retailers and businesses will mean more jobs and employees who will be able to eat, shop, do errands in Carbondale, helping everyone’s businesses thrive.

By supporting the Village at Crystal River, we can look to a future for Carbondale with more security. This town is what it is because it has evolved and grown.

Megan Cook


I read in the Post Independent on Jan. 10 that Garfield Re-2 School District is considering many cuts to its operations. All of the proposed cuts listed are ones that would directly affect the students at Re-2.

I would like to suggest that instead of our making changes that would cause hardship on teachers and students, why don’t we look at changes at the administrative level?

Rather than close two schools, which would directly affect our kids, why don’t we close the administration building? I’m sure that would save a lot of money. Not one child at Garfield Re-2 learns anything in that building. I say it goes.

And why don’t we replace the emphasis on our kids by cutting administrative jobs at least in equal percentages as we are cutting jobs at the lesser-paying levels?

I believe we need to keep our focus on how our kids are directly affected. The suggestion that we eliminate cooling in all gymnasiums is proof that the people making these suggestions are not putting the kids first. No cooling would be downright dangerous. I think we should cut power in the administration building before we compromise the health of any of our students.

I hope the powers that be will rethink these proposed cuts with the ultimate goal of doing what’s really best for our kids before they move forward with a single one of the proposed cuts.

Patricia Bolles


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