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Apparently, it’s official. Barack Hussein Obama is “propelled into history (at least by the media) as the first black standard-bearer for either major party!”But, considering past history, might it be prudent to wait to find out what the meaning of the word “is” is? (Where’ve we heard that before?) Perhaps, we need reminding – “it ain’t over ’til the ‘weight challenged’ lady sings.” If Obama is the Democrat’s candidate, isn’t it time to consider his record?His campaigning as “an agent for change” is a good starting point. Hasn’t he already demonstrated, dramatically, his abilities in this respect? Hasn’t he changed churches and changed ministers? Hasn’t he changed his mind about meeting with our enemies? Hasn’t he changed his image from an idol to a carnival barker?But even more important, will he change from being the most liberal member of the Senate? Will he change his negative attitude toward our great nation? Will he change the people with whom he associates?The last change agent was Jimmy Carter, who promised, “Change you can believe in and to return government to the people.” So much for slogans and promises. The Democratic Party certainly excels in making changes – especially disregarding established rules and altering accepted procedures, so is another strategy developing? Is there a move under way to run “co-candidates” rather than president and vice president? Wouldn’t that heal the wounds of the campaign, produce party unity and provide overwhelming voter appeal?Having co-presidents represents dramatic change, but, what about top billing? Would it be “Barack & Hillary” or “Hillary & Barack,” including or excluding Bill? God bless America!Richard DoranParachute

I am a supporter of Jared Polis, who is running for Congress of our 2nd Congressional District. I was also a delegate for Jared Polis at the May 10 assembly. He is now on the ballot for the Democratic Primary on Aug. 14. Why has he come so far? Jared has served effectively in statewide public office, the Colorado State Board of Education. He has developed companies and hundreds of good jobs with benefits. Jared also founded and served as superintendent of New America School, a public school serving 1,000 students in four locations.Jared brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to Congress. He has a comprehensive environmental plan that includes a seven-point plan on reducing carbon emissions and slowing global warming, and runs the first-ever “green” campaign. Jared believes the U.S. is fighting an immoral war for profit, oil and corporate greed. He visited Iraq in November 2007, and was astounded at the high-priced corporate mercenaries the U.S. has contracted with to fight that war, and therefore supports a withdrawal plan from Iraq.Jared is a man of integrity and compassion, and does not take one dollar from special interest groups or political action committees. He has the passion to change how Washington does business. He supports campaign finance reform, stronger ethics laws, and breaking up the insular Washington establishment so that progressive ideas can compete on their own merits.I hope everyone from 18 years old up to the oldest people in our communities makes it to vote, whether doing it by mail-in or at the polling stations. Every year is important to vote, whether it is for county commissioner, congressman or president.Julia Jacobsen Basalt, precinct No. 72nd Congressional District

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