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As a long-time local business owner with clients and friends on both sides of the Village at Crystal River debate, I have held my tongue to this point. I do, however, have a couple of questions for the developer and electorate.

I believe (most) everyone can agree that any further large-scale development in Carbondale will likely take place on the VCR property. This makes good sense. As the de facto entrance to Carbondale, there should be something attractive that greets visitors, tourists and yes, shoppers, to town. I believe we can also (mostly) agree that the existing entrance to Carbondale could use some love.

More important, however, I believe that (most) people were drawn to Carbondale for the small town feel and the quirky nature of the community, among other things. Therefore, my question to the developer is, “Where’s the funk?” Perhaps the PIF should stand for “Put In (the) Funk.”

What is funk, you ask? How about a contest to dress the center of the roundabout(s)? Why not park benches, picnic tables, murals or really creative landscaping? A cool bicycle parking area? Electric vehicle charging station(s)? Solar sign lighting? How about brick facades, barn wood siding, metal or corrugated roofing?

The bottom line for me is demanding more of the developer and steering away from the generic, Anywhere, USA shopping center. This thing appears to be quite vanilla, when what we really need is some Cherry Garcia!

Demanding funk, mandating the use of local talent for design and construction and fully vetting the repercussions over the life of the project would likely get more folks to agree. The result could be a fantastic project that accomplishes many of our common goals.

Will the developer back down if our demands are too expensive? Perhaps. But this is a long-term investment.

As architects, designers and contractors will often tell you, sometimes the best projects are the ones that don’t get built. The opportunity on that parcel is tremendous.

Should we develop there? Absolutely. Should we develop this plan as presented (and be stuck with generic, “funkless” boxes)? Absolutely not.

Scott Ely


My family and I live equal distance between Carbondale and Glenwood Springs. We support the many activities, the diverse restaurants, attend church and shop in both communities, however we do not grocery shop in Carbondale. Although Carbondale is more convenient, we grocery shop in El Jebel or Glenwood Springs due to the quality and variety of the stores in those communities.

For the town of Carbondale to meet the health, safety and welfare needs of its citizens, there has to be a strong sales tax base. To remain vibrant and to provide more than the basic needs of Carbondale, the sales tax dollars need to come from not only within the city limits but from the surrounding area.

The restaurants and activities in Carbondale are first class and they survive not only from the patronage of the citizens of Carbondale but from the homes and families within the extended shopping radius of the community.

A good grocery shopping experience will bring in sales tax dollars that are now spent in other communities. For the future welfare of the community of Carbondale, I urge a “yes” vote and support the Village at Crystal River.

Tom Jankovsky

Glenwood Springs

How awesome that Rand McNally bequeathed Glenwood Springs the Most Fun Town in America and also the fifth best ski town. What a great distinction and a boon for our town to attract people to visit or come and stay.

It would be a shame if all this becomes spoiled if the oil and gas leases along the Thompson Creek Divide become actively drilled. This would mean oil rigs will be visible to skiers at Sunlight Mountain Resort, that massive Halliburton trucks would belch through town, causing our already congested traffic to come to a standstill, not to mention the stench and additional air pollution.

What a shame if Glenwood Springs has to build new roads – with what money? – to accommodate trucks and equipment for the oil and gas industry. What a shame that roads like Four Mile and Midland Avenue would be choked by these trucks and equipment, not to mention there’s no emergency route out of these two roads.

What a shame Glenwood Springs would become a boom and bust economy – one day filled with oil and gas employees, but when extracting and fracking becomes no longer economically viable – then, poof! All that money, all the people: gone.

Then where will our tourists be, who came to see our fun, vibrant, clean town? Instead, they’ll see a horizon marred by abandoned rigs, roads spiderwebbing the once beautiful hills, and our once world-class rivers depleted of their water and fish because the fracking method sucked all that water away.

I thank Judy Jordan for bringing up that the county’s groundwater study is essentially being ignored by our county commissioners. I thank Dr. Roxana Witter for stating the need to pay attention to the health impact studies conducted on natural gas industry. Both women are sounding out alarms.

I hope the county and the city of Glenwood Springs are listening. In spite of the BOCC, we still have a voice and our voice still counts. Make your voice heard.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

Recently, there have been a number of serious injuries and accidents involving young kids who have been wearing helmet cameras while skiing. You have probably seen these cameras advertised with flashy footage of one extreme sporting activity after another. The footage is captivating. This past Christmas, these items were a popular gift.

As a parent myself, I can’t help but connect the dots in these recent accidents to an attempt by these young athletes to reproduce the cool, extreme films they have seen on TV, including those marketing the cameras in stores.

As a result, I feel they may be pushing themselves into doing things that are extremely risky and beyond their abilities. We have all seen the consistent push for extreme sport athletes to go bigger and bigger, often with dire consequences.

My hope in writing this letter is to create greater awareness for parents of children who possess these cameras. My hope is that they will actively monitor how their kids are using them and strongly caution them about the risks of attempting tricks or stunts that could seriously injure them.

I would also encourage Aspen Skiing Co. to audit on-mountain accidents to see if there is any greater incidence when a helmet cam is in use.

I appreciate that we all are held to a level of personal responsibility, but I believe that kids still need greater guidance, particularly when it involves their safety.

Julie Warren


Have readers wondered why no Soviet missiles have ever fallen on the U.S.? War just isn’t necessary. As Kruschev said back in the 1950’s, “We will bury you” (from within).

Let’s play a game called “What If?”

What if a secret Soviet cartel bought control over several large U. S. newspapers some time back?

What if the socialist infiltrators in our government deliberately planned to drive out our most successful and independent corporations through high taxes and regulation? What if the the second tier businesses that supplied goods and services to those industries and their employees began to falter?

What if the job market then began to collapse?

What if the fact that we remain dependent upon Middle Eastern oil is deliberately plotted; and what if our borders will never be closed?

What if class warfare becomes the solvent that breaks the cohesiveness of American society?

When a growing government takes over banking, education, major businesses like General Motors and our health care, are we not increasingly more dependent on government? What if that is the master plan?

I think the socialists have already won the war, and they didn’t have to fire a shot.

Carol Abbott


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