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Carol Abbott of Parachute entertained us with a fun game of “What if?” with her Jan. 28 letter.

I like games. Let’s play “What if?” from a different perspective.

What if Secretary of State Powell had not presented the false WMD story? Thousands of American troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would still be alive. Not to mention the billions of dollars that went, and continue to go, to Blackstone, Haliburton and the like.

What if the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act hadn’t been enacted, removing the 70 years of protection that Glass-Steagall had given us from big banks? Perhaps the U.S. and world economies would not have collapsed.

What if the SEC wasn’t run by ex-Goldman Sachs and Wall Street CEO’s?

What if a large foreign corporation bought up TV and radio networks and newspapers to spread a certain propaganda across America, and keep its followers, according to surveys, less informed than those that get their information from other sources? You might call that News Corp., owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch. (Fox, DirecTV, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Barrons)

What if the Supreme Court, some of whose members attend Koch Brothers functions, had not ruled in favor of Citizens United? It is now possible for one company or individual to throw enough money behind a candidate to affect the outcome of an election. Newt, meet Sheldon Adelson. Viva Las Vegas!

What if the Supreme Court and then Florida Secretary of State Kathleen Harris hadn’t given Bush the election in 2000?

What if Bush and Congress hadn’t refused to negotiate prices with drug companies? Medicare, the largest purchaser of drugs may actually have a fighting chance.

What if President Obama had not bailed out GM? We would not have the No. 1 auto manufacturer, once again. Hundreds of thousands of jobs and businesses would be gone.

What if there were no EPA, child labor laws, mining regulations or automobile safety standards? Just wondering.

This was a fun game.

Craig S. Chisesi


The teachers’ union exists to further the economic prosperity of all teachers.

The union did a pretty good job. They took a quarter of the extra millions folks so generously voted “for the children” and gave each and every full-time teacher a $1,500 bonus.

They’re even going to hire back four out of the 14 janitors who lost their jobs. I don’t believe those lucky four got a bonus, and as for the other 10, they’re just out of luck. Too bad they couldn’t join the teachers’ union.

If we want to retain the good teachers, why were all the teachers rewarded with those ill-conceived bonuses? Because the union says there is no objective way to economically discern between the good and the not-so-good.

I do hope all those generous taxpayers learn this union lesson well and remember when they come hat in hand the next time, begging “for the children.”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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