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The Susan G. Komen Foundation took a surprisingly principled stand against Planned Parenthood and then, when the going got tough, just rolled over. What’s their next trick going to be: sit and stay, shake paw, heel, fetch? They should change their name to the Fluffy Foundation.

Maybe they’re just unaware of Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, who was an outspoken advocate of Malthusian eugenics.

I think the subject of abortion is between a woman, her conscience and her doctor, but when it’s a tool to promote and enforce racial purity, it’s everyone’s business. Interesting how the left, members of which, against all facts and reason, laud themselves for fighting racism and claiming responsibility for civil rights legislation, support an organization whose founder created “The Negro Project.”

Good girl! Want a cookie?

Neal Pollack


After viewing all past games on TV, I feel justified to voice objective opinions on Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI telecast. My critique includes four key ingredients: the game, commercials, halftime show and announcers.

The game was sensational, living up to the hype that preceded – a low scoring defensive battle matching two great quarterbacks in a contest down to the wire, as predicted.

Eli Manning earned his MVP honors, completing 30 of 40 passes, no interceptions and adding another fourth quarter come-from-behind victory to his six during the regular season.

That’s the good news.

The commercials were as expected – freakish, obnoxious, demeaning, juvenile, disgusting and despicable. At what level of intelligence is corporate America aiming its messages? Don’t these ridiculous commercials document the dumbing-down of America?

I respond by simply muting the dialog duplicity and side-glancing at the picture. Why can’t I recall ever buying any product as the result of watching a $3.5 million commercial?

Halftime got my attention, briefly, when I became a Madonna admirer. She should be an inspiration to all 53-year-olds to get in shape. Because of my short attention span for extravagance, I fortunately missed the obscene gesture by MIA – whoever she is. As usual, the halftime show was too long and meaningless, but I awoke in time form the second half kick-off.

As for announcers, I’ve enjoyed 40 years of Al Michael’s down-to-earth approach. Talk about job security. Conversely, Cris Collinsworth forces me to practice my muting skills. Cris is amazing. He’s proven he knows everything there is to know about pro football, never been wrong in his predictions, always been correct in play selection and analyzing every situation after it happens. To prove my point, in December 2011, Collinsworth was voted the worst television football commentator in a Sports Illustrated poll of NFL players.

In my dreams I can only imagine a Super Bowl game, commercial free, sponsored by a donation from Bill Gates, with the best college marching band as halftime entertainment and Bob Costas and Tony Dungy announcing.

Richard Doran


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