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I read in the Feb. 1 Glenwood Post Independent Mr. Bruno Kirchenwitz’s letter that questioned the merit of teacher bonuses.

I will venture a guess that Mr. Kirchenwitz has never taught in a public school. If he had, I believe he would hold an entirely different opinion.

I have taught in public schools and am here to tell Mr. Kirchenwitz that it certainly is no cake walk. My experience included working the school day only to come home to more work. By the time I had written tailor-made plans for each class (each class moves at a different speed, so no matter how painstakingly I planned, I would still have to adjust the plans to meet the individual needs of each class), spent countless hours grading and recording the grades, I had barely enough time or energy to fall into bed to get enough sleep so I could start the process again the next day.

I was often required to attend meetings during my planning period, so I wasn’t able to plan or grade during the school day. I haven’t even mentioned teacher participation in extra-curricular activities such as school sports, clubs and parent-teacher organizations.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love teaching. It is a rewarding and fulfilling job. But nobody goes into teaching for the money. And, in my opinion, anyone who thinks teachers have an easy job or are overpaid has clearly never taught.

Patricia Bolles


I was a bit surprised that the old jail from 1886 is being removed from Veltus Park. After all, it only “has parts of the original jail, like the hinges on the doors and the bars in the window … it’s been rebuilt a number of times with new wood.”

Folks, this is a part of our heritage.

When motorists leave I-70, the first sign they see is “Welcome to Historic Downtown Glenwood Springs.” Remembering that history is key to revitalizing Glenwood Springs.

The old jail is a part of who we are, as are many other structures that have been rebuilt over the years (wood rots, after all). Without our heritage, we are just like any other town in Colorado.

I can think of a number of great locations to place the jail, such as the green space to the south of the new jail, at the new “poop chute” across from the county buildings on Seventh, Centennial Park, etc.

I have a proposal: my family lives on the Doc Holliday trail at 12th and Bennett. We have a deep lot that crosses the trail. We will donate our land on the trail to have the old jail moved here. Here it can be enjoyed by tourists and local alike, as they imagine what our wonderful town was like a century or more ago.

We just need a contractor, or the city or history museum, or one of our wonderful service clubs, to donate the effort to move the jail to its new location.

To our past!

Steve Swanson

Glenwood Springs

To the person(s) who made off with my backpack while I was skiing laps on the lower meadow up Williams Peak on Saturday, Feb. 11, shame on you.

I have waited until now to write this, as I didn’t give up hope that I would be contacted, that it was just an honest mistake.

It is a sad day in our valley when someone would ski right by you after taking your gear in the backcountry. Luckily my car keys were in my pocket or I would have been stranded up there.

If you know anything about the incident, or know someone who is suddenly sporting a grey Osprey Kode pack, please call (970) 963-2172. No questions asked.

Noreen Steiner

Glenwood Springs

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