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It’s not often that an axiom is delivered to us with such clarity as that presented by Harry Talbott, the brother of Ross Talbott, in his column of Feb. 14. The interesting thing is that Harry Talbott delivers us more than one proof that such things are true.

First and foremost is the axiom that “like minds think alike.” Those that follow the letters and columns section are familiar with the rhetoric of Ross Talbott. Now his brother steps in to regale us with his anti-government hysteria.

It’s bad enough to read Ross Talbott’s loose interpretation of facts. But his brother has managed to exceed Ross’s reach with unusual prowess.

As this is an election year, the right is again in full anti-government assault mode. Harry Talbott has dredged up fake facts concerning a “28th Amendment” that have been floating around the Internet for over a decade.

Mr. Talbott states his agenda fairly clearly: “My purpose in this column is to make you very angry about corruption and give you a means to deal with corruption.” Actually his intent is to perpetrate lies to tick you off. So here is the real story from numerous sources:

Can members of Congress retire with full pay after serving only a single term?

No. This is a long-standing erroneous rumor.

Are members of Congress exempt from paying into Social Security?

No, although Congress initially participated in the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) rather than Social Security. Since 1984, all members of Congress have been required to pay into the Social Security fund.

Members of Congress do not pay for health insurance.

False. They do pay toward premiums and deductibles.

They have access to the same policies that other federal employees do.

Among the many unsubstantiated rants in Mr. Talbott’s column is the reference to the 545 people responsible for our pending demise. Does that include Wall Street or international corporations?

Try this axiom: “”Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” (Thomas Grey, 1742)

Don’t believe every email or op-ed you read without doing a little research.

Craig S. Chisesi


The Garfield County commissioners have decided to approve building incentives to spur housing construction in Garfield County. I think all the money from the gas wells (their fund balance is now in excess of $100 million) has clouded their judgment.

There are hundreds of vacant apartments and homes under foreclosure up and down the Colorado River valley. Banks are holding many of these properties. And our county commissioners want to incentivize builders to add more?

I suspect it really is time to refund property taxes. That way we really will get some economic activity going, and at the local level.

C’mon guys, think about it. If the county refunded taxes locally, it’s likely the refund will be spent locally.

Steve Swanson

Glenwood Springs

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