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Joan Troth’s letter to the editor yesterday makes a valiant effort at trying to get U.S. oil companies to produce and refine oil at any cost.

I don’t think so. The oil companies are past the stages of reinvesting in new refineries in the U.S. Why should we give them more of our money and another chance to invest more of it overseas? There is no quick short-term solution.

There are many of us that are not going to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We have stopped it before, and we will stop it again. So, I and many others will oppose all-out drilling in this country at the expense of the environment. It is time for Americans to stay on course with renewable energy development and invest in new companies that are not tied to the oil industry.

It would be better to fast-track renewable energy companies with proper incentives and tax credits. Let’s slide the oil company subsidies over to renewable companies.

The oil companies no longer need subsidies with their billion-dollar profits. We Americans need to learn how to live and work without an oil-based economy.

Many Western European countries are a long way ahead of the U.S. in investing in renewable energy. Let’s learn from them and move forward into a new energy future.

Randy Fricke


I am writing in response to Mr. Rachesky’s letter to the editor published June 5. In his letter, he asked us fellow Glenwoodians to question the ideals and policies of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Mr. Rachesky believes that Senator Obama’s tax increases will decrease available jobs in the valley. May I remind you that our national debt is more than $9 trillion? It increases by 1.5 billion dollars per day, and is certainly a cause in our plummeting economy. I see this as a far greater threat to our employment. At the same time, the proposed tax increases would only balance out the vast imbalance in our social economic system.

Let’s move to Iraq. Mr. Rachesky stated that taking American troops out of Iraq means surrender. With all due respect, Mr. Rachesky, what are we surrendering to? We have already concluded that Iraq maintains no weapons of mass destruction. At the moment, we are forcing our American ideals. It is just another case of American imperialism. Senator Obama will bring a long-overdue change to this situation.

I charge you, Mr. Rachesky, to find legitimate evidence that Sen. Obama made a comment referencing small town America clinging to its guns and religion. You continue to make allegations in your letter that fail to have any backing. Regardless, imposing some regulations on firearms could have its benefits. Guns surely are playing a part in gang violence in metropolitan areas. Or maybe you cannot see past issues in this valley?

In no way is Sen. Obama planning on giving amnesty as a reward to border violators.

If you would do some research, Mr. Rachesky, you would find that Sen. Obama plans on having more secure borders. The limited amount of immigrants allowed into our country would be put through the legal process, thus providing our economy with the workers it needs.

Mr. Rachesky, I hope that you will look deeper into the issues that you speak about. In November, it will be important that all of us Glenwoodians make an educated vote.

Let’s make a change.

Tory Garling

Glenwood Springs

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