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I’m happy to report that during our first few days of prayerful vigil for life with the 40 Days For Life campaign, 65 babies were saved in five days worldwide; 65 lives that could have been lost to abortion. That’s good news that’s fit to print.

As the momentum builds and more people find out that Glenwood Springs has joined more than 250 campaigns in cities across the globe, as we’ve braved 5-degree wind-chill weather and gusts that could send most people back to the comforts of home. We still stand in a firm commitment that life is a precious thing; and one worth saving.

Many have seen us pray and fast in front of the local Planned Parenthood facility and have joined us, and are telling others to do the same.

Please go to glenwoodsprings to sign up and see the latest in a growing international effort that continues to gain momentum around the globe.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

Once again, President Obama becomes the target for big oil’s behavior and the domestic pricing of fuel. This is also partly driven by the excesses of the U.S. consumers for fossil fuel. The idea is commonly held that more oil supply, as in the case of the proposed oil pipeline and supply from Canada, will dramatically change the cost at the local pump.

Leaving the jobs issue aside, the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada is not likely to change the U.S. supply, since the Canadian oil, bound for refineries in Texas, will likely not be designated for the U.S. market but will be sold on the world market. The U.S. buyers and suppliers for the U.S. supply will compete with the rest of the world market’s buyers and suppliers.

The same would be true in drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska or with off-shore drilling. It is not likely to affect our domestic oil supply. It may produce jobs, but it is not likely to affect the U.S. consumer of oil or fuel accessibility.

The domestic production of oil does necessarily remain in the U.S., but simply becomes part of the available world oil supply. The same is true of American oil companies producing outside the U.S. That oil does not necessarily wind up as part of the oil in the U.S., but is sold by American oil producers to other nations of the world. There is little tendency for nationalistic altruism among oil producers in general. Only the price per barrel is the main determinant in who gets the oil.

Gary Hershoren

Glenwood Springs

On many mornings per month, I write letters to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent’s Your Letters section. I am sure I have your gratitude that the vast majority of them are imaginary.

With a myriad of possible topics ranging from asphalt plants and organic farms to an answer for world peace, I write my letters, and then focus on life’s day-to-day issues. Often, I see a letter that make me laugh, and I wonder about the writer’s view of themselves and the world around them.

In the Feb. 7 edition, Richard Doran gave us his review of the Super Bowl and the surrounding broadcast event. He is never hesitant to enlighten and educate the reading public about whatever issues that he feels necessary. He told us what was good, bad and ugly concerning the television broadcast. It’s an issue that had been nagging me for some time.

Here is the point where I had to chuckle.

Mr. Doran’s mostly negative and pointed comments were directed at one of the sports announcers, Cris Collinsworth. Specifically he wrote, “Cris is amazing. He’s proven he knows everything there is to know about football, never been wrong in his predictions, always been correct.” Well, you get the drift.

If Mr. Doran is so irritated by this type of analysis, how does he think other people feel as they read his letters and many of his Battlement Mesa associates’ letters that portray that same know-it-all approach? I often categorize their type of letters as the “I’m right and you never will be” letters.

Stating your opinions while at least respecting the opinions of other individuals is not a bad attribute to possess, in my opinion.

Jim Hawkins

Glenwood Springs

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