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Stan Rachesky’s letter was an example of blatant, ignorant racism and will certainly be joined by more of the same as this crucial election proceeds to a conclusion.

Fortunately, it is unlikely that cretins of his ilk will decide the issue for our nation. I suspect that this time, the actual life and death, real-world concerns of our intelligent and thoughtful citizens will prevail. It had better be so, for we are on the crux of problems that will take the best and brightest of all the nations of Earth to effect our collective survival.

If you want to continue the corporate looting of America and the denial of the reality of global warming (whatever the cause), vote for John McCain. You may expect our young heroes to continue arriving in secrecy at Dover, Del., in flag-draped boxes to be sent home quietly to those who must bear their loss. You may rest assured that accountability will never be placed at the door of the lying perpetrators of this ongoing criminal atrocity. Never mind that the money wasted by the corporate shills in the White House and Congress could have solved our nation’s energy crisis without the unnecessary deaths and the maiming of our martyred children.

You will see the obscene profits of big oil and the war industry continue to bloom, and the astronomical, economy-crippling debt they have placed with Red China reach unfathomable numbers. So, just how do you expect the U.S. to pay back the estimated $9 trillion in debt without raising taxes?

We were debt-free before these fools and idiots stole an election (or two) to lie our county into ruin. Shall we now accept yet another Bush clone for more of the same?

A man who will be 72 years old should he take office, and can’t keep his pandering lies straight now?

Take a look at the corporate ties of McCain’s political managers, and see if you think the connection is healthy for the nation.

Vote smart! Dump all the self-serving, profit-oriented, party hacks back on the street.

Robert W. Boyle

New Castle

In the front page article on the BLM’s decision to sell leases on the Roan Plateau, Marc Smith, executive director of the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States, suggests that drilling on the Roan will “increase supplies to help lower energy costs.” For the executive director of an important industry group to be spreading lies and misinformation like this speaks to the credibility of the entire industry.

To be clear and truthful, the price we pay for natural gas is set by commodity markets around the world, and no amount of drilling is going to lower our energy costs ” not anymore. This is such a tired old lie that Marc Smith ought to be embarrassed to repeat it.

And yeah, I know about the supply and demand equation, but the relatively small amount of gas produced on the Roan certainly won’t lower our gas bills. The one thing it will do is raise the profits of the industry that Mr. Smith represents.

I’m not being fooled.

Bob Utesch

New Castle

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