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I write regarding Mona Klinger’s letter of March 8.

The best way to stop abortions from happening is to not get pregnant. It’s the No. 1 one best way, and the surest way of all. No one gets hurt and no need to have 40 day vigils.

So how not to get pregnant? Well not having sex is one way. But why stop doing one of the fun, free things that God gave us? That leaves us with contraception.

Education and free access to contraception will lead to many fewer abortions. Problem solved, and we can all celebrate the sanctity of life.

Now Ms. Klinger can spend her vigil time helping to stop the killing that war causes.

T.J. Krest


A March 1 Post Independent headline couldn’t escape my eyes: “Oak Meadows residents alarmed about gas drilling.” And on Feb. 28, I read where the proposed asphalt plant owners were not going to be permitted to use their property to operate their plant beside the organic farm.

First, I submit I haven’t been here long enough to know details on either topic. I don’t know which side I would support on either topic. I do know that I would entertain both ideas with a business-friendly approach.

That’s what I’m pushing. Entertain the ideas. Spend some of that “no” energy on a solution on how and where to make business happen.

I look around the Western Slope and I see a gorgeous part of the Rockies. I also see the economy has hit hard times here. In an area where jobs are scarce, I’m struck how many people’s first reaction is to say “no.”

How hungry does someone have to be before they are open to discussion? I dare answer my own question and say maybe they’re not hungry at all. Maybe the food stamps are flowing just fine in America.

The consensus always seems to be “Yeah, bring American jobs back to America.” Yet when someone ventures out, the same consensus is too eager to flood them with bureaucracy.

What’s left for America? Our nation won’t flourish where the only incomes allowed are consulting and welfare.

How many items did you purchase last week that were not made in America? How much did that tank of gas cost? If the consumer says “ouch,” they’re not receptive to logic.

I believe regulated businesses and services that actually add to the nation’s wealth should be welcome. Again, entertain the ideas.

I see bumper stickers that say the driver wants to coexist with terrorists. Is this the same person that will not coexist with a manufacturing plant?

I’ve been there, rest assured. Businesses are regulated. They cope with taxes, insurance, payroll and regulations. There can be little time left for the occupation. How about everyone put more thought into our country’s options?

Kateri Hall

New Castle

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