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I write in response to the Garfield Board of County Commissioners approving $1 million for the construction of a bike trail. Where are their priorities?

In response to the Garfield Re-2 school board considering a four-day school week. Where are their priorities?

While schools are looking at drastically reducing education services provided to our children, the commissioners somehow think that the citizens of Garfield County will benefit more from a bike trail? How many children would be helped with that same million dollars?

Would they be able to got to school for five days instead four?

Who will benefit from the use of the bike trail, other than those using the bike trail? Is this supposed to open the missing gateway of commerce between New Castle and Glenwood Springs? How does that compare to investing in the future citizens of Garfield County and all those who stand to benefit for years to come?

After hearing of the county’s budget surplus, it made it very easy for myself and probably many others to vote against the Re-2 mill levy override. Seeing all the nice new computers and fancy equipment in our schools does little to promote and influence a solid education. It makes it very easy for a parent to raise questions about wasteful spending.

It’s easy to see what’s on the surface. How much is spent on things we can’t see, things we really don’t need? Simply put, why doesn’t the county use the tax dollars the citizens have already committed a little more effectively, let’s just say about 1.5 to 2 percent, instead of asking us for more?

What sort of basic business principles do our county commissioners use to evaluate such requests, or is this turning into a “good buddy” style of government? They seem to be so concerned with saving money, with the recent scaling back and elimination of personnel. Do they not look at how they are spending the money they are saving, or are we just trying to save money so we can spend more freely?

And finally, to paraphrase Mr. Doran from Parachute, “Conclusion: Is using good business management practices too complex for our county commissioners and local schools?”

Darren Stukes


I cannot believe that our city council has agreed with RFTA to condemn Wayne Rudd’s building on South Glen Avenue if a sale agreement does not work out.

Condemnation is nothing shy of communism just like when the Re-1 school district took the True Value building.

It is wrong on every level of democracy. It is no different than if someone knocked on your door and said, “I want to buy your house,” and you say, “It is not for sale,” and they say, “OK, then we will just condemn it and take it away from you.”

In that sense, I bet everyone out there feels that is stealing, and totally wrong.

But as soon as it is a public agency or government agency doing it, it’s OK. Hogwash, it is still wrong. Are there no other options for a bus station elsewhere?

If someone owns a property they should be able to, in a free country, decide if and when they want to sell that property, and for how much. If the potential buyer thinks it is too much, then they should move on. Forcing someone to sell their property for what someone else thinks it is worth is stealing.

I hope Mr. Rudd fights this tooth and nail to the bitter end. The Glenwood Springs City Council should be ashamed for voting in favor of condemnation, in this situation or any other.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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