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While Jim Klein is certainly entitled to his opinion regarding the matter of Sandra Fluke, he is not entitled to make things up and put them forward as facts. I have actually read the transcript of her testimony before Congress and she most certainly did not say, “I’m having so much sex I can’t afford my birth control,” as Mr. Klein alleges in his letter of March 22.

This makes me seriously doubt his other assertion that she was paid by the Democrats to give her testimony. If that were the case, Fox news would be shouting it from the rooftops, and I’ve heard nary a word – at least not from that great fount of truth, the Internet.

It also should be pointed out that none of this is about having the taxpayers pay for anyone’s birth control. Rather, it is about employee- and employer-paid health insurance.

Intelligent discourse based on well-informed opinion is crucial to a healthy democracy. Repeating unsubstantiated and blatantly false assertions to support a position undermines that discourse.

Carole O’Brien

New Castle

Jim Klein’s March 24 letter parroting Rush Limbaugh’s slanderous remarks toward Sandra Fluke is disgusting.

First of all, Ms. Fluke didn’t say what Rush Limbaugh claimed she said – not even close. That this editor would allow Jim Klein to repeat a blatant falsehood – a slanderous, blatant falsehood – without a note of correcting a clear statement of fact is shameful.

Obviously Jim Klein cannot be troubled to think for himself, nor to actually read what was said by Sandra Fluke. Rush Limbaugh is a pathetic example of a man. We don’t treat women that way.

John McCrae

Kansas City, Mo.

Are readers aware that there have been well over 50 million scientists, farmers, doctors, inventors, artists, business owners, maybe even someone who would have discovered the cure for cancer or other major diseases, leaders of our country in every area of life who have not been allowed to live, but they were killed before they had the chance to experience life, liberty and their own pursuit of happiness?

Many people, especially our young people today, do not even know who Adolph Hitler was or what he did. But under his leadership, 11 million homosexuals, handicapped and Jews were starved to death or killed during World War II.

The more than 50 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade is many times more than those who were killed during the Holocaust, and more than all who have been killed in all the wars, fighting to defend the USA.

The abortion industry is very heavily funded with an unbelievable amount of our tax dollars at all levels of government – federal, state and county.

It is time to quit calling these babies in the womb “blobs of tissue” and call them the persons that they are.

This November, the Personhood Amendment will again be on the Colorado ballot and each voter will have the opportunity to vote for life and choice – equal choices for unborn men and women, not just choices for those already born. Please consider the choice you would have wanted your mother and dad to have made.

Ramona Talbott

New Castle

While GOP Sen. Tom Coburn has been blocking a $3.7 billion health bill since May that would expand mental care and offer home assistance to wounded veterans, other cuts in veterans’ benefits are piling up.

America’s veterans seem to be moving to the back burner. While these are hell-to-pay, life-sacrificing jobs our veterans have given us over and over, as we have asked them to do, they are slowly losing recognition. They are still fighting, still in combat and still sacrificing. All we can ask in honoring these individuals is respect and the best possible health care and other benefits they certainly deserve.

I was in Lowe’s in Glenwood Springs the other day and was informed that Lowe’s Corp. would most likely not be providing the current 10 percent discount to veterans in the near future. Although this is not normally advertised, Lowe’s has been doing this for some time in honor of our veterans’ sacrificing service.

Lowe’s Corp. has had to close some stores, and even though the Glenwood store has been one of the better stores during this downturn, it looks like everyone must sacrifice for the success and benefit of the corporation. Perhaps it’s something our leaders in Washington should consider.

I was told Lowe’s might still allow the discount for retirees and active members. I would hope this might include wounded vets as well. Lowe’s is a great company and I feel they will do what they can, and hopefully when times are better bring back this discount to all veterans. With the leadership of Mike Felber, acting store manager, who was himself a helicopter (gunship) veteran, everything will be done in the Glenwood store to help lift the corporation out of this slump.

Our active service men today represent the best in us, and shaking their hand and thanking them when you see them in air terminals, bus stations and just walking down the street in uniform is a small price to pay for their sacrifice.

Jim Childers

New Castle

The 40 Days for Life project has been a huge success.

Betty Scranton has been a blessing and an inspiration to all of us. She has held her head up high every day, through all kinds of weather. It has been my privilege to stand with her for the cause of life.

If you look real close and when the sun is just right, you can see the hands of God resting on her shoulders.

It’s ironic that those who are pro-abortion respect their own lives, but not those of the unborn.

Has it all been worth it? The drive-bys who give us the thumbs down gesture, the foul gutter-mouth name-calling, the evil looks and the high IQ people who give us the “birdie” wave? You can bet your life it is.

Judy Campbell

New Castle

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