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Senator Obama supporters should do some research before lecturing Mr. Rachesky. The Democratic candidate has only three years of on-the-job training as a senator.

His voting record is in line with the left-wing interest groups that support him. He is the most liberal candidate for president we have had since 1968; even more so than the Clintons. Obama has not broken once with his party’s left-wing interest groups, so much for his bi-partisan rhetoric.

His economic plan includes a raise in taxes even above the levels of the Clinton era, including a huge increase in the payroll tax.

He promised the National Counsel of La Raza that he would definitely work toward passing an amnesty bill giving free citizenship to illegal immigrants. The Democrats have used every dirty trick in the book to pass an amnesty bill, including attaching one to an important funding bill hoping that no one would read it. Numbers USA and other organizations alerted the public to it, and it was removed.

You have to consider the teachings of Trinity United Church and the fact he attended there for 20 years. In a 2004 interview with the Chicago Sun Times, he listed three men as his religious guides. One was Reverend Wright, who as a state senator, Obama channeled over $225,000 in grants. The others were Father Michael Pfleger who is no longer associated with Obama and Senator James Meeks, another Chicago pastor who has generated controversy for mixing the pulpit with politics.

My concern is that by the senator’s own admission, they have been a major moral influence in his life. You cannot dismiss his 20-year association with Wright and his church by disassociation. Obama claimed the entire issue caught him by surprise, yet he was quick to keep Reverend Wright off the stage during his announcement speech over a year ago.

Who is this man? More so, what is this man and is he really capable of leading this country?

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Richard Doran continues the onslaught against the Democrats, citing change as bad and ridiculing Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter.

After the difficult times Carter inherited, his forward-thinking projects were ripped apart by Reagan’s bad environmental record.

Allow me to present some evidence: “The budget for the [Solar Energy Research] Institute ” which President Jimmy Carter had created to spearhead solar innovation ” was slashed [under Reagan] from $124 million in 1980 to $59 million in 1982. The squelching of the institute ” later partly re-funded and renamed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ” marked the start of Reagan’s campaign against solar power. By the end of 1985, when Congress and the administration allowed tax credits for solar homes to lapse, the dream of a solar era had faded. The solar water heater President Carter had installed on the White House roof in 1979 was dismantled and junked. Solar water heating went from a billion-dollar industry to peanuts overnight; thousands of sun-minded businesses went bankrupt” (Arthur Allen, Prodigal Sun, as reported in Mother Jones, March/April 2000).

Here we are, 30 years after Carter tried to advance alternative energy. General Motors gives us the Cadillac Escalade, that when introduced in 2005, got one mpg less than the 1955 Eldorado. Fifty years to get less efficiency. Unemployment in May had its highest monthly jump since 1986, the Reagan years. Remember James Watt?

The more things change the more they stay the same.

If you feel the last seven-plus years under the current administration have moved our country forward, support John McCain and the Republicans. If you feel the U.S. has lost our Constitution, prominence, credibility, money, lives, environment and moved backward, perhaps to the early ’70s, change might not be a bad thing.

Perhaps you and the other 23 percent of the country still buying into this administration should try change. Change the channel and watch something other than Fox News.

I don’t know if your God is blessing America, but I am sure he or she is certainly scratching his or her head.

Craig S. Chisesi


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