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Why am I not surprised about the cause of the tragic, devastating, out-of-control Jefferson County fire?

Well, how can an out-of-control government be expected to exercise proper control on anything?

Regardless of what level of government is involved, why is an excuse always offered instead of an explanation, or in this, case an apology?

The latest drivel from the Colorado State Forest Service regarding the Lower North Fork Fire proves my point. Colorado’s deputy state forester apologized for the fire, announcing that an ember apparently jumped a containment line and started the blaze.

Well embers don’t just jump – nor do guns just shoot people. The ineptitude of Forest Service prescribed burn experts allowed embers to jump as the result of negligence and carelessness.

What national or state government bureau or department operates with proficiency or even adequacy regarding the responsibilities for which it is charged? Name one.

The Forest Service manager who helps plan prescribed burns says burns aren’t made unless “all the parameters are met.” Consider a common definition of parameters: “numerical or other measurable factors forming a set that defines a system or sets the conditions of its operation.” Say what?

Doesn’t that sound exactly like the ambiguous manner government uses to make decisions?

One has to wonder if local weather reports or unusually dry climatic conditions that persisted for months with likely winds could have been more obvious parameters to follow.

Finally, true to form, our Colorado governor follows up four days after the fire raged out to control with a suggestion “to consider suspending such burns for now.” Now that is almost decisive.

So much for subtle insinuations about good judgment, common sense and logic.

Perhaps there’s reason for concern about how much faith to have in allowing all levels of government to either protect or control our lives or what we intend to do about it.

Richard Doran


An article in the April 1 Denver Post by Bruce Finley should get the attention of all of us, on both parched sides of the divide.

This year water has become the precious commodity that we have always known it to be. Our water, “excess water,” diverted and tunneled from the Colorado River basin to the Front Range, has been auctioned off by the Northern Water Conservancy District to the highest bidder. I think you can guess who that was.

Instead of our Colorado River water going to developers of massive new, unsustainable housing developments, or farmers, it is being bought with the ever-deeper pockets of the oil and gas producers. Is this what was meant by “learn by doing” that was touted in the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement?

Hopefully there is no diversion water going to Longmont, Loveland or Greeley, which also turn around and sell it to drilling site suppliers.

Per Mr. Finley’s article, necessary alarms are being raised by Gary Wockner, director of the Save the Poudre Coalition, who points out that water used in food production returns to our rivers, but “most drilling and fracking water is lost from the hydrological cycle forever.”

Am I the only one who finds this permanent reduction in our water supply stunningly stupid?

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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