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I write regarding Ross Talbott’s column on April 11, “Cultural permissiveness toward sex destroying our once-great country.”

I must opine. First, thanks to Mr. Talbott for broaching the subject. It is certainly a difficult one to address, and while our culture does absolutely seem to find endless ways to showcase the crass and the loud and the “shiny” points of sexuality, so to speak, we do have extreme difficulty articulating the finer points.

Thank you, Mr. Talbott, for gently conveying that sexuality and “being” are inseparable and inherently natural across genus and species. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to indulge two of my favorite pastimes: writing, and writing about sex.

I fancy that we would have a good conversation about this issue from different sides of a nicely set table: Mr. Talbott a columnist and a gentleman and me, a Gen-X-er, an owner of Cakes and Cuffs, and a lady (of sorts).

He might elaborate on points put forth in the column, and I might try to get him to see a perspective that celebrates sexuality and relationship but perhaps defines both of those a bit more broadly. I might agree with some and say that others could not possibly be summed up and conclusive evidence drawn as simply as he asserted.

In 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama raised cheers and also eyebrows with his statement, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” Author Nicole Daedon has a slightly different theory – that the world will be saved by the turned-on woman. I am empowered by one statement, and I raise my glass, smiling, to toast the other with my girlfriends.

The voices promoting a healthy, positive sexuality have never been louder. I believe that through them, and with education and conversation among ourselves and with our children, that we will bring about change in the issues Mr. Talbott points to as evidence of destruction.

With the support of the Garfield County Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), there will soon be plenty of opportunity for productive discussion, and I look forward to it. I would even be happy to host.

Marie Hale

Glenwood Springs

The Garfield County Commissioners sold out our land and water for future generations by approving the larger 2 million-acre plan for oil shale development. Why do ExxonMobil and Shell need 2 million more acres? These are global corporations stealing more land and more water from Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Oil shale development is and always will be pure speculation and pure spin of estimates by the oil companies.

I rank oil shale up there with tar sands as being the worst possible energy development scenarios. The U.S. will have an energy surplus long before oil shale is commercially viable.

Why bother? Why develop oil shale when natural gas companies want to start exporting natural gas in the very near future? Oil shale does not make sense, as it will deplete our precious sources of water so oil companies can have more tax write-offs.

Do readers see the conspiracy here? Oil companies force speculation on petroleum prices on Wall Street so the price goes up. If the oil companies can keep a high price on a barrel of oil, they try to make oil shale look good.

The commissioners’ decision is an endorsement of global energy companies to do whatever they want with our land and water. Remember, the county commissioners are endorsing oil companies that are stealing our everyday living from each and every one of us at the gas pump. Remember that at the next county commissioner elections.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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