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In the Post Independent’s April 11 front page article, “BOCC challenger criticizes oil shale stance,” Aleks Briedis claims that one of my three favorite county commissioners, Mike Samson, “misrepresents sentiments of western county residents.”While I am never reluctant to express my opinion, I am mindful to avoid trying to speak for others.Frankly, I have no idea how the majority of “we” Garfield County “west slopers” feel about the recent unanimously-approved county resolution critical of the BLM proposal. Apparently Mr. Briedis feels qualified to speak for all of us. Why am I not surprised that there was quite a turnout at Monday’s commissioners meeting of citizens who are in opposition? Complainers are always more prevalent and outspoken, while those who approve have no real incentive to speak out.What’s more, the views of the residents aren’t always what’s best for the community. Maybe that is why we residents elect well-qualified representatives to evaluate all the available factual information on the issues and then make decisions based upon their good judgment, rather than being swayed by influential groups that have an agenda.My purpose is not to judge, but merely exercise my prerogative to express my opinion. I am tired of the tree huggers, nationwide, that are helping Obama to destroy our economy. There are far too many minority interests and fringe groups that get far too much attention to protect wildlife instead of preserving and protecting the futures of our children and grandchildren.That’s my opinion. Now here’s an observation. Is it reasonable to acknowledge that while Colorado suffers, the economies in states like Montana, Wyoming and especially North Dakota are thriving? Could it be that it’s because good business judgment allows natural resources to be produced at higher levels under more reasonable controls and restrictions?Thank you, county commissioners, for continuing to keep the best interests of your constituents as your highest priority.Richard DoranParachute

The Obama administration is being blamed for high gas prices. In the short term, that’s nonsense. New sources of energy can’t be found, transported, and refined overnight. However, if the president had supported rather than opposed the locating of resources by drilling, transporting by pipelines, and refining when he first became president, the future for our energy supply would be greatly enhanced.Three culprits can be blamed for the current high cost of fuel. The first is the green machine, the extremist environmental movement that wants to shut down our most abundant resource, coal, and has done everything it can to complicate and restrict the development of all other carbon-based energy resources. Lawyers are collectively the second culprit. Legal procedures can stall the development of energy resources almost indefinitely.The third culprit is, of course, Congress, which if manned by persons with strong intestinal fortitude, could correct many of the economic problems suffered by our country due to the lack of cheap energy.Bringing in a new administration after the 2012 elections offers some hope. Dick ProsenceMeeker

Corruption seeks approval by deception when its safely guarded secrets are exposed. Corruption’s apologists do that and more as they vilify the whistleblowers in blind obedience to the god of denial.Since Planned Parenthood has become synonymous with women’s battle cry for reproductive rights, and as we continue to bankroll this billion-dollar baby, if Planned Parenthood were a “she,” we whistleblowers would simply say she looks more like an aging harlot, despite the fan club, despite the coerced funding of her operation, despite her come-hither title, and despite the orchestrated and sympathetic clichd sound bites so necessary to her survival.Take the “it’s just 3 percent” claim that its operation involves only a small amount of human sacrifice. Planned Parenthood places such services as condoms one-to-one beside its signature product, abortion. What it fails to disclose is that 91 percent of all pregnant women under its care receive abortions.Planned Parenthood continues to allow the deception, once declared true by its national spokeswoman and president, that its offers mammograms. It does not. We now know they offer breast exams. Somehow Planned Parenthood would have us believe that poor women are unable to self-examine and need that special touch, which somehow justifies taxpayer-forced funding of $400 million a year – not to mention funding here at the county level, which has become a standard and defiant practice.Many in our community have stated there are no abortions performed at our Planned Parenthood clinic. Not so. We now have information of where and what kind of abortions are offered across the U.S., including here at home. The choices are: chemical, surgical and medical abortions. There is even an express facility in Colorado for women on the go. Check out and see how vast are the growing offerings across the American landscape.Thanks to the now global 40 Days For Life semi-annual campaign, the conversation about abortion (4,000 daily in the U.S.) has changed. We’re finally starting to see the truth behind the industry’s worn-out and deceptive clichs and practices.Betty ScrantonGlenwood Springs

I think the Garfield County Commissioners took correct action on the 2012 Oil Shale Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS). They recommended BLM adopt the “no action” alternative, which in essence returns BLM planning to the PEIS completed in 2008.BLM’s preferred alternative 2b, in the new PEIS, restricts leasing to research, demonstration and development (R,D&D) leases only, and on acreage that is barely more than already designated by the BLM’s R,D&D program in Colorado. I have read most of the four volumes of the new PEIS, and there is little if any new information in it. By the way, BLM’s leasing of other minerals and oil and gas is not limited to R,D&D programs. The 2008 PEIS was very well done, received voluminous comments, involved the public and resulted in a preferred alternative that provided acreage for potential leasing. Just because the acreage was a big number did not mean that anywhere near that amount would ever be leased. It just indicated the areas in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming that have oil shale that might be of interest to developers. This PEIS, and the 2008 version, only authorizes the BLM field offices to designate areas potentially available for leasing. The BLM would be required to do at least two and perhaps three additional EIS’s before an oil shale project could go into production on federal lands. That would likely take five to 10 years, and the BLM and other federal, state and local agencies would have multiple opportunities to review and control development. No one wants the federal government to mandate production from oil shale in the event of another energy crisis. By offering a sensible leasing program, the potential for that happening can be reduced. Private investors need a consistent federal policy toward oil shale to continue the deliberate and phased development of oil shale that is proceeding at this time. Lastly, let’s finally get over the Black Sunday syndrome that is intended to convince people that history always repeats itself. I was there and lost my job and much more in 1982, but this time around the conditions are entirely different. Glenn VawterGlenwood Springs

The Associated Press article published April 12 in the Post Independent reporting the sinking price of natural gas was well written and very informative. I am sure we will soon receive notice from Xcel Energy that they are cutting customer gas and electricity prices proportionately. Probably not. Prices for natural gas have been falling for quite awhile with Xcel conveniently not noticing. Unfortunately, cheap natural gas prices won’t help reduce prices at the pump.Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

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