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I write in regards to Randy Fricke’s April 15 letter about oil shale.

The Garfield County commissioners need to get on board with the people or get out of position. The oil shale production will deplete our water system.

Those who read the April 15 article about Zak Podmore’s journey along the Colorado River, learned it’s a trickle when it reaches the Pacific.

We have got to come to our senses and realize oil shale is deemed as a “triple threat.” It is very expensive to mine, it uses enormous amounts of water, and produces more emissions into the atmosphere when used. People need to be well informed when it comes to voting time.

Jenell Hilderbrand

Glenwood Springs

I am writing to express my great displeasure at discovering that Colorado Mountain College has entered into a lease agreement with SourceGas to build a natural gas compressor plant on Spring Valley Campus in Glenwood Springs. This agreement violates many of the principles that drew me to CMC Spring Valley in 1982.

At first, the natural beauty of the campus, situated on its rise above the Roaring Fork Valley, beckoned to me after years in Eastern U.S. cities. It was almost a wilderness. Its prefab dorms and classroom buildings were huts compared to the majesty of Mount Sopris, floating to the south of the campus over acres of unspoiled woods and walking trails.

I spent years hiking those trails with my students. It felt like a unique academic experience, a miraculous gift. The silence of the woods spoke to us all.

The thrum and hiss of a compressor plant the size of Spring Valley’s dorms will not add to the educational goals of its original benefactors. The intent was to create an atmosphere of academic empowerment in a place sustained by nature.

One might even say that many of our students, who came and still come to the campus to escape the commercial environment of their lives, would go elsewhere in the future, a loss to us all. Thoreau would not have approved, and neither could any of the inspired faculty members teaching self-sufficiency and sustainable development in these woods.

I am also frustrated by what appears to be an attempt to bypass the shared governance which so many former staff, faculty and students worked years to build with CMC’s administration. Surely a lease agreement that yields little and robs campus shareholders of much they hold almost sacred has been withheld from common knowledge until just before the campus empties after graduation in 2012.

This, above all else, marks the move as anathema to the spirit of Spring Valley Campus. I cannot imagine any of the educators I worked with for 25 years being willing to vote “yes” on this agreement, had they been given that opportunity.

Doug Evans


Kudos to Tracey Yajko for her letter to the editor in the April 12 Post Independent in response to Ross Talbott’s April 10 column, in which he wrote, “Our society has sunk to a level where people are more passionate about protecting animals such as their dogs and cats.”

To that I would add the following quote from Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

I wonder what Mr. Talbott thinks of Gandhi.

Joan Isenberg

Glenwood Springs

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