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A controversial discussion rang out recently concerning scaling down a fitness test for women required by the Arapahoe County Police Academy. The fitness test is comprised of standards on exercises such as push-ups and running.

Female students’ arguments included that women are naturally less strong than their male counterparts and therefore should be required to perform a less strict fitness test to be treated as an equal in the workplace.

How absurd. To start with, naturally, women weigh less than their male counterparts, which means women are pushing up less weight and carrying less weight on their runs.

Women want to be treated as equal to men in work and salary but they demand a double standard when it comes to physical tests of fitness.

Is a women police officer going to be chasing after a running felon screaming, “Slow down, don’t you know that I am a woman? That’s not fair.”

Criminals are not going to punch any softer or run any slower just because an officer is a woman. In fact, women should be more physically competent as they are prime targets to take advantage of, just as predators target situations with weaker threats and defenses.

If a perpetrator is able to out-muscle a female officer and take hold of her firearm, BAM! The flag will fly at half mast the next day.

Should we endanger lives of police officer’s partners and the public just because women feel that they are less strong than their male counterparts?

These women screaming for a different test are actually extremely anti-feminist by wanting a different physical exam than men, pretending to be a feminist only to matters pertaining to their salary.

The physical requirements are set to provide safe and efficient standards for the job of police enforcement.

Construction jobs require women to lift the same materials, scale the same heights, and operate the same equipment as men.

Law schools don’t scale down the bar exam for dumb people. Why should police departments scale the fitness exam for women?

Brett Lark

New Castle

This letter is in regards to Ross Talbott’s April 24 column about generation Y’s lack of knowledge and sense of entitlement.

Everyone talks about the Holocaust. What about the 10 million Chinese raped and killed by Japanese in World War II, or the Indians subjugated and killed by the white man on this continent?

Baby boomers are the ones making Social Security go broke. Who has more sense of entitlement? I’m a 23-year-old living in Glenwood Springs.

Brett Moore

Glenwood Springs

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