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In seven short months, we will all be voting to decide the future course of our country, America. If Obama wins a second term, we may be kissing the Second Amendment goodbye. Why? Because with four more years in office, he’ll probably appoint another Supreme Court judge and the court will lean to the left and permit him to pursue his radical goals, such as Obamacare, voters be dammed.

He outright lied to support the Second Amendment during his quest for the presidency just to get votes. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Attorney General Eric Holder, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Obama’s regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein (an animal rights extremist who wants to ban hunting and who thinks animals should be able to file lawsuits against people) are all in a position to push hard to eliminate the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

Are we as U.S. citizens armed because we’re free, or are we free because we’re armed? As long as we’re armed, if push ever comes to shove, liberty for us all will prevail. This is when the government fears the populace. Once the government tries to take away our weapons, we will enter a state of tyranny, when we will fear our government.

It’s your choice. Think about the life you want to leave for your kids and grandchildren and the debt you would be burdening them with. I do every day Obama is in office.

This is not the “change” in America some were led to believe would be happening. Vote him and his kind out of office in November. We’re Americans , remember?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

Once again, Anita Sherman has demonstrated her inability to present her opinions without resorting to acerbic and vitriolic uninformed statements.

Her “mistrial” remarks in her April 24 letter are a perfect example. They reference a high profile murder trial in Rangely. We followed this trial very closely for personal reasons. Mistrials can occur for various reasons. In this case, one juror, after being seated, stated they would never vote to convict anyone of questionable emotional stability who was facing life in prison. This statement, in our opinion, flies in the face of the reality that one person placed a hatchet into the head of another person nine times. The jury voted 11-1 to convict.

At that point, the trial was moved to Glenwood Springs and a new jury empanelled. The vote from the new jury was unanimous: conviction on all counts.

To accuse Martin Beeson, our district attorney, of prosecutorial incompetence is not only baseless but completely absurd and without any grounds in reality.

Ms. Sherman’s rant smacks of a self-serving political agenda. If Ms. Sherman can’t present civil and informed opinions, we suggest more complete research prior to her passing judgment on a very dedicated public servant.


Tom and Jane Ashworth


Most valley residents find it difficult to imagine living in high density urban housing assuming that lack of privacy, undesirable neighbors, lack of personal security, inadequate open space, parking problems, reduced status, etc., comes with the territory. Reinforcing that assumption is that the vast majority of conventional multi-family housing aims to produce less expensive dwellings than single family houses, the upshot being that price is the primary or even only criteria driving multi-family design and construction. With price as the paramount driver, the least expensive land is sought, which is habitually remote from services – residents are still forced to drive everywhere.

In contrast, consider high density housing sited within convenient walking distance of services and transit, adjacent to great recreation facilities, intermingled with high quality open space (parks, plazas, courtyards, etc.), eyes-on-the-street security, designated resident parking, plenty of storage space and designed to provide individual homes with privacy, quiet, optimum sun exposure and views. This is a dramatically different living situation than typical multi-family housing in our region, the large majority sited in the least desirable and most underserved suburban locations. Finally, the attempt to minimize cost/price tends to produce projects of limited durability and high maintenance cost making them a questionable investment for buyers and thereby degrading quality and perceived resident status.

The confluence lands provide a distinct departure from most all multi-family sites, possessing all the attributes that underpin smart growth. Most ground floor space should probably be reserved for nonresidential uses. But the big pay-off is that lots of permanent residents are the most vital component of “place making”; getting them there is job one. Virtually all successful downtown shopping districts are fortified by lots of high density housing adding residents that attract still more visitors and providing additional support for downtown businesses. Housing is the most effective way to get people there plus it’s smart growth. Good news for Glenwood because it requires little public investment (all utilities and services are proximate) and delivers significant community benefits – everybody wins.

Don Ensign


CMC’s Rocky Horror was a blast. I have seen the show twice, and if possible I would go back.

If you haven’t been you really missed out. The women are beautiful, the men are gorgeous and the voices are phenomenal. I would not recommend taking children as there are adult themes, but each to their own.

I have seen the movie I don’t know how many times and saw the live production at Mesa State. I could rave on and on about this production. I believe the producer’s name is Tom Cochran and he should be proud of what he created.

Melissa Kircher


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