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I worked in the gas field in Parachute for 11⁄2 years and reported a drug user, three times over 11⁄2 years. And all three times, I was told by my superintendent that nothing would be done because he was related to management.

The company had a drug testing policy in place and did nothing.

I quit the job and lost my house, truck and quality of life.

The local, state and government officials would not do anything, and kept passing me to someone else to contact.

This goes on all the time in the gas and oil field industry. I feel like our government is as corrupt as the company I worked for.

Why would no one back me up for my rights to work in a drug-free workplace?

John Fay

Glenwood Springs

The high holiday for pie lovers is nearly here, once again to bring forth a bounty of tastes and textures and a gathering of friends to share the eating of pie. For young and old alike, Pie Day lays out a feast for the eyes and tastebuds. When the dance between the crusts of berries, fruits, custards and creams along with my favorite seasonal Chinese vegetable (rhubarb), gives us all a morning to rejoice about.

For myself, Pie Day was my first taste of summertime in Glenwood when, the morning after moving here, Bill Crutcher took me to the Masonic Lodge to savor the delights. I knew I had come to the right town, and immediately looked forward to next year’s appointment with the pies. Ah, what bliss can exceed a warm pie, I know not.

I wish to thank in advance all those women of the Valley View Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, who again take the time and love to prepare all the wonderful combination their mothers passed along to them. Pie day truly is a community tradition, which transcends time, when we meet friends and neighbors and carry our memories with us until another summer June morning comes around.

I think there’s room for one more piece of pie … “Please pass the pie.” Thank you.

Mark Rinehart


Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is challenging the presidential candidates to address three achievable goals that will save lives and help end breast cancer forever: research ” increase investment in research so that new discoveries reach cancer patients quickly; screening ” provide every low-income, uninsured, and underinsured woman in America access to early detection options; and treatment — ensure that all women diagnosed with breast cancer have access to high-quality treatment.

Komen Aspen encourages women here locally to go to to stay informed, learn the facts about breast cancer, attend town meetings and other campaign events and ask the candidates to explain how they will end breast cancer forever.

What will they do to ensure that breast cancer is a national priority? Can they guarantee that everyone has the same chance at surviving breast cancer regardless of income or skin color? Will they fully fund the National Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, so that all women diagnosed with breast cancer have access to quality treatment?

Komen Aspen is a trusted local resource for women facing the battle of breast cancer. Give us a call, 920-0250, if you need help or want to be involved.

Claudia Curry Hill, executive director

Komen Aspen

How dare anyone threaten a person for publicly speaking their mind! I personally detest everything that Mr. Rachesky and others like him have said, but I would defend to the death their right to say it. Mr. Rachesky has as much right to state his opinion as Mr. Girardot has to disagree with him. Freedom of speech is a basic principle that our country was founded on. Not believing in that basic principle is un-American. Shame on you!

Nadine Fenlon-Dow

Glenwood Springs

Seriously, how many losers are there out there?

We have a team for the Relay for Life, and we had jars set up around the town of Parachute. Some girl walked into the Shell Station and said she was there to collect the jar. She was not someone on our team.

It’s really sad that someone would steal from a good cause such as the American Cancer Society.

To the girl that has done this ” you know one day it could be you or someone in your family battling cancer, and maybe those funds won’t be there to help you, because there are people like you that find the need to steal. Shame on you. Maybe you should get a job so that you don’t have to steal from a nonprofit organization.

Katie Gonzales


I seldom respond to typical, critical Liberal drivel … except when there are false accusations. Craig S. Chisesi’s critique of my recent letter contains numerous inaccuracies, so I’ll set the record straight.

First of all, I didn’t cite “change as bad,” but merely referenced certain changes that are not particularly uplifting and suggested improvements.

My reference to Jimmy Carter wasn’t ridicule, but merely questioning veracity of campaign slogans and promises.

Furthermore, I didn’t state that “the current administration have (“has”) moved this country forward” nor imply “support for John McCain and the Republicans.”

Mr. Chisesi alleged that I’m part of the 23 percent “still buying into this administration,” and advised me to “watch something other than Fox News.”

Well, I’m definitely not among the 23 percent and I do not watch Fox News!

My style of expression is to approach topics from the position that “somebody’s got to say it,” and to leave nothing to the imagination, so there is no need to interpret or make assumptions.

Chisesi’s letter started by accusing me of continued “onslaughts against the Democrats.” I refute his use of the term “onslaught.” If you study my letters carefully, they usually contain a series of questions, rather than bold accusations, like his, that could be considered an onslaught.

His comment about God was simply uncalled for, especially the he or she reference. My beliefs are my business, but I don’t mind affirming that I do believe in God and that I have accepted His Son, Jesus Christ, as my Savior.

Looking at conditions around the world ” at any or all other countries ” isn’t it logical to believe that God has truly blessed this great nation of ours? So, I say it yet again … God Bless America!

Richard Doran


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