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I am writing to express my support for Senator Udall’s Central Mountain Outdoor Heritage proposal. This proposal would add protection in midelevation areas that are crucial to wildlife, watershed protection and air quality. This proposal is based on a decade of work already accomplished by a coalition of conservation groups who have met with landowners, recreation groups and other stake holders.

The proposal stands at 340,000 acres, less than half of what it was in the beginning of the process. I am proud of the work that these groups have put in, and it is now time to get this legislation passed.

I had the good fortune to fly over some of the areas that are in our valley this morning with Bruce Gordon, of Ecoflight. I was able to see how important these areas are to protect. There are no do-overs when it comes to protection of our wilderness for the future. Once it is gone, it can not be replaced. I urge everyone to learn more about Senator Udall’s proposal at his website,, and tell the senator how you feel about this issue.

To learn more about Ecoflight, a nonprofit whose mission is to educate the public on what is at stake by showing us from the air, go to

Sally Norwood


I’m writing in response to Mr. Brett Moore’s April 28 letter to the editor in which he accused baby boomers of having a sense of entitlement and of bankrupting the Social Security System.

He appears to be unaware that we have paid for these benefits through payroll deductions and employer matching funds our entire working lives. Any benefit we receive is based on our specific earnings and contributions over the years.

If the system is going broke it is due to the mishandling of our money by the federal government. Congress has siphoned off past surpluses from the Social Security Fund (totaling $2.2 trillion by 2007) to pay for general deficit spending, instead of investing it to meet future needs. It also raids the fund to pay for disability benefits, which should be a separate entitlement program.

In the private sector, businesses with retirement plans are legally bound by the ERISA Act of 1974 to properly fund future liabilities and to invest those funds in a prudent fashion. Our government is not being held to the same standard, but it should be. Of all the federal programs, this one we are entitled to because we paid for it in advance.

Kat Neumann

Glenwood Springs

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