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Our government is so big, it’s stealing our dreams and ambitions. The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

Don’t forget, we the people rule. Vote out the bums who are running our country into the ground, and that includes our celebrity president. We don’t need a “cool cat” comedian in the White House. We need competence.

We’re on the road to bankruptcy with the affordable health care act, crucifying the gas and oil industry, and spending tax dollars on bankrupt green companies. No green economies have ever succeeded, anywhere in the world, ever.

Are we supposed to be outraged by Mitt Romney’s wealth and how he spends his money, rather then by how Obama spends our money? I don’t think so.

Given Obama’s background and job qualifications, is he out to destroy our America?

The GSA has squandered our tax money on lavish parties. Bad behavior trickles down.

It’s gotten to the point where we have to remind ourselves to respect the office of the president, but we don’t have to respect the man. Obama’s questionable behavior includes: lavish White House parties , extravagant vacations, excessive golf games, the first lady’s trip to Spain, their 13-year-old daughter with a dozen friends vacationing over spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico, involving 25 Secret Service agents.

So what do you expect from the GSA personnel when the “big boss” sets the example with his excessive lifestyle? I thought he was the elected leader, not the king.

When tax money is being spent foolishly on bankrupt green companies or forcing us to accept Obamacare against our will, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are actually giving the American people the finger. What’s happening is nothing but simple extortion, which is “the act or practice of corruptly or oppressively taking anything from a person by force or threats or by any undo exercise of power.”

Remember, we the people are the government. Vote these thugs out of office and let’s get back to the good life.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

Pausing to thank Roaring Fork Valley residents who are supporting the request for prosecutorial discretion in the pending deportation case of Norma Galindo is a small reciprocation of the joy I have experienced while teaching her son, Hector Morales, in the Roaring Fork School District’s Pre Collegiate Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Forty years of teaching in Denver’s public schools seldom gave me such a gratifying, bird’s eye experience with a family so dedicated to improving themselves and their community. Urban life can’t hold a candle to the compassion small towns like Glenwood Springs and Basalt demonstrate while supporting their neighbors in time of need. My hat is off to you.

Patricia Salas


I would like to help out those people in the community who feel somehow threatened when they attend a local celebration such as Strawberry Days.

Here are a few pointers. Those who have outstanding warrants, have entered the United States of America illegally, have forged or fake identification, are carrying drugs, and are a “self-proclaimed and validated gang member,” might think twice about going out in public, flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors. For anyone who falls into any of the above categories, bringing attention to yourself is not what most people would call smart.

On the other hand, those who are in this country legally and are not carrying drugs or false documents, and have no outstanding warrants, should feel somewhat safe in wearing any clothing they want.

However please be aware that if there are gangs in the area, which we know is the case. Think twice about wearing cool gang colors, as you may end up being injured or killed by someone who thinks you are a rival gang member. I guess that is a chance some people are willing to take. Good luck with that brilliant idea.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

The big similarities between the economic problems of the U.S. and Europe are exploitation of a crisis, an attack on social programs, draining of wealth from the general population, and excessive flows of capital.

“The committee that really runs the world,” as Colorado columnist Ed Quillen likes to joke (no joke), has its fingerprints all over this. There is only one class of people that benefit under these conditions – the very wealthy, who will become more wealthy.

It is no accident that those with the greatest potential tax liabilities (under a progressive tax structure) are the very same people who finance the efforts to not only reduce tax rates, but to eliminate the very kinds of government enterprises that exist on those same tax revenues.

That is why in Colorado people like Phil Anschutz and Pete Coors successfully back propositions to limit property tax collections. Doing so leads to cuts in education, health care, unions and pensions.

Nationally, we have seen the firing of hundreds of thousands of teachers and other government employees, with attacks on their collective bargaining agreements. An organization known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has provided the strategies and the prepared legislative bills needed. ALEC is funded by multi-billionaires such as the Koch brothers and a host of large corporations.

In Europe, the reigning financial managers have all forced similar austerity measures on their respective countries in response to the same screams of “debt crisis” that have been heard here.

The financial root is as follows: Capitalism is the accumulation of capital. The major lenders have contrived a scheme that transfers wealth from the lower to the upper classes. Essentially, loans are made – to individuals and nations – that cannot be maintained. In the case of individuals, their property is confiscated and they are left bankrupt and without assets. In the case of countries, the taxpayers are stuck with the bill and they receive no benefits for it. In fact, they lose benefits.

The general public is defenseless because it must rely on representative governments for protection. The representatives have been bought or scared off.

Patrick Hunter


No study is necessary to know the Glenwood Springs spring cleanup is worthwhile. Our town has a fresh, clean facelift, and locals have smiles on their faces. Our tax dollars were put to good use.

Alice Hafner

Glenwood Springs

I am writing in response to the article, “Residents rally against local’s deportation,” from the Saturday, May 5, issue. As a fellow Daniels Fund scholar, I would like to express my support for Hector Morales and his family.

Daniels scholars have been chosen to carry on Bill Daniels’ legacy. Acting as the Daniels Fund liaison for northern California, I have had the privilege to work with many incredible students who are high-achieving, but also well-rounded. The Daniels Fund scholarship considers financial need and academic performance, but what they care about the most is giving back to the community.

The Morales family is part of our community. Norma Galindo should be shown prosecutorial discretion. Breaking up their family does not support anyone. We would be losing a role model who has clearly passed on the leadership skills and strength of character that we all seek to embody.

Hannah Planalp

Glenwood Springs and Berkeley, Calif.

This story is getting blown completely out of proportion. How many times has the sheriff had to make up stories to justify unlawful arrests and mistreatment of inmates? This isn’t the first and will certainly not be the last time the sheriff’s department steps outside its job duties just to show they’re power happy.

My brother David Centeno and I have always lived together, and I know for a fact he has never been in any gangs. Therefore, he would never admit to being in one. The sheriff’s office needs to stop lying. Since when does wearing your favorite sports team color make you a gang member?

There’s no need to sound like a hero protecting the city when there is no actual threat. People could really care less whether or not a person is here legally. What danger did David pose taking his children to Strawberry Days? I can’t think of anything that he did or could have done to put anybody at risk.

It was an immigration raid. How else would you explain an ICE bus waiting? That doesn’t sound like an anti-gang operation.

Everybody makes mistakes, but the sheriff’s office is the only one that seems to have trouble taking responsibility for them. This isn’t the first error they try to justify.

And just to clarify, David came back into the U.S. not only to be with his three citizen children and his citizen wife, but to help take care of our very sick mother. She has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and is unable to care for herself.

So next time the sheriff’s office wants to go around harassing people just because they obviously can’t do the job they get paid to do, think how many ways it can ruin a person’s life?

David Centeno is a hardworking, good father. He may not be a perfect citizen, but I know plenty of other “wannabe gangster” citizens who aren’t being harassed.

Janett Centeno

Glenwood Springs

I was appalled by the statement made by Mitt Romney after the latest jobs report was issued on May 5. He talked about how the recovery from the recession has been much slower that what we have seen in normal recoveries.

First of all, the latest recession was anything but normal. We haven’t seen anything like this since the one starting in 1929, commonly referred to as the Great Depression.

Secondly, what has normally happened in recessions, is that government spending has gone up to prop up demand, and the Federal Reserve has always stepped in to encourage more lending. With the exception of a much-too-small stimulus program, neither of these things has happened.

The Republican agenda has been only to remove the president and the Republicans have obstructed everything else.

We are actually doing well when you consider these facts.

I have many Republican friends. Can they actually be happy with what the neo-cons have transformed their party into? I have tried, in the past, to refrain from the attack and blame game. 2012 is different. My battle cry this year is, “Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.”

Stop worrying about the debt. It will resolve, as it always has in the past, when we get our revenue picture fixed, which is something Mr. Romney and the Republicans do not want to do.

Re-elect President Obama and send him some help with people like Sal Pace.

David Mead


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